Code of conduct

Code of Conduct

  • Understand the fact that generally, we are guests in the country of Thailand and that at all times we should respect the local population and their laws, customs, habits and course regulations.
  • Play our rounds of golf in a timely manner, causing no or the absolute minimum delay to our fellow golfers.
  • Play our golf in a polite, friendly manner without undue noise or affect on our fellow golfers.
  • Play our golf without causing damage to any facility we use or to our fellow golfers or their equipment.
  • Treat our fellow golfers, course employees, green’s keepers, caddies, restaurant or bar staff with due respect and in a polite manner much as we expect to be treated by them.
  • Keep any dispute on or off the course to a minimum and if unsolvable, refer the problem, quietly, to the Commissioner.
  • Pay our green fees, cart fees, caddie fees, restaurant or bar bills in a timely and polite manner.


  • Agree by unanimous vote on any day of meeting to exclude any person who is either unwilling or unable to adhere to the aforementioned code of conduct. (As long as one or more people are willing to play with you, you can play.)