Important Notice

We have started this blog for the purpose of making our events available to a wider number of people.  As this is available to the entire world we will never publish your last name, your phone number or your email address.

The biggest difference to the members and our friends is that starting next week the emails will originate from the blog rather than the basilpuppydog email address.  If you wish to continue receiving about 3 emails a week from us you must enter you email address and click the “Follow” button on the lower right.  If you don’t do that you won’t receive any further emails from us after next Monday.    Those that don’t want 3 emails a week but want to keep in touch should bookmark  .  You will be able to keep up to date at your convenience.   In the event that you lose the above link, you can google Santiburi members Chiang Rai and this blog should be found.  Emails to the basilpuppydog email address will still be checked and answered promptly.