results — Thursday Feb 16th

A very busy and slow day at Santiburi — about a 5 hour round.

Only 4 Santiburi Members –Me, Juppy, BruceG and BruceK
Played  100 bht stablebleford — winner takes all plus 50 bht snake
Juppy 31 pts
BruceK 35 pts
Me 36 pts
Bruce  44pts  (hey 5Points,  you picked a good time to go to America)
The highlight of the day was BruceG 3-putting the 17th to hold the snake reducing his winnings by half.

We meet again:

Saturday — Be at the course by  9:45 AM

Monday — Be at the course by 8:20 AM.

Thursday — Be at the course by 8:15 AM.


2 thoughts on “results — Thursday Feb 16th

  1. Yeah, it would have been bitter for me because I shot 92 on my home course yesterday, which would have been a 42 Stableford score. Not enough! I think the Fairness Specialist needs to take a look!


  2. come back all is forgiven 5 pts, i finished bogey bogey for 2 under 70. also remember the hats???? one of the memembers can’t wait to get his new hat. Maybe do a selfie in DC in front of the the big house in wearing one of the hats.


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