Change of plan for tomorrow (Thurs Mar 23)

5Points just got a call from Santiburi.   They have a seniors competition today and tomorrow.  Today they couldn’t get anyone out until 1 PM and suspect it will be the same tomorrow.

If you want to play tomorrow you have the following choices:

  1.  Go to Santiburi and take your chances that you can get out by 1 PM and that it won’t be slow.
  2.   5Points and Leo are teeing off at Waterford at 9 AM.  All are welcome to join.
  3.   Chiang Rai Golfers are at Happy City, 8:30 AM.

If one of the above options appeals to you then it might be advisable to leave a comment below and let others know where you will be playing.


9 thoughts on “Change of plan for tomorrow (Thurs Mar 23)

  1. Hi all

    In the first week of June the annual Chiang Mai , Chiang Rai cup will be played over two days either Monday Tuesday or Wednesday Thursday ( up to us ) in Chiang Mai. The two courses it will be played on are Inthanon golf course and Green Valley. Those of us who played the cup in Chiang rai last year know how close we came to upsetting the cup Holders so we are asking for all Golfers in Chiang rai to seriously consider playing this year. This tournament is being arranged by the Chiang mai people and they are asking for the Number of players we can bring down this year. Can you please advise your committee or your Group organisers or me (0615354864 ) if you can play in this years tournament. If anyone knows of people who might be visiting let them know. All are welcome and the more the merrier. More details will follow when we know the numbers who are playing. Please advise as soon as possible.

    Remember its only a game so I hope we get the numbers to kick there arse




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