Results — Thurs Apr 27th

Today Santiburi remained in great condition due to the course management’s decision to postpone scheduled green coring/sanding until after Sunday’s Singha Amateur tournament.  The weather was sunny, hazy, and very hot!  Today we had five members (5Points, Graham, Bruce G, Brian, and Jockey John) and five friends, all from Chiang Rai Golfers group (known affectionately by some as “The Dark Side”) (Rob, Neil, Ross, Scott, and Rodney).
Since we had five SMAF and five CRG, we played a team game, SMAF vs CRG.  Each team member played a singles match against one opposing team player. Winning the match awarded one point for  the players team.  A tie awarded one-half point to each team. The team with the most win points would win the prize pool, to which each participant donated 100 baht.
Here are the results:
Match 1:  Rob (14) v. Bruce G (5).  Bruce won 2&1.
Match 2:  Neil (20) v. Graham (20).  All Square
Match 3:  Ross (21) v. Brian (23).  Brian won 3&1.
Match 4:  Scott (20) v. Jockey (22).  Jockey won 1 up.
Match 5: Rodney (32) v. 5Points (25).  Rodney won 2&1.
Final score:  CRG 1.5   —   SMAF 3.5
Everyone stated they enjoyed the format as a good change and we should seek future opportunities to get the two groups together on a periodic basis.
Next events:
Saturday, 29 April.  5Points and Brian plan to play.  8:15 show up, 8:30 tee off, Santiburi.
Sunday, 30 April.  Singha Amateur.  12 noon shotgun start.
Monday, 1 May.  We have 8:30 tee time but few may show due to Singha Amateur previous day.

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  1. PLEASE NOTE those who are participating in the Singha Amateur Event — the shotgun start is at 12:00 Noon. NOT 12:30 as has been suggested informally — 12:00 Noon sharp. See you there!


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