Results — Sat Apr 29 — Singha Amateur Update

Number of rounds played by Santiburi Members and Friends:

Jan 1 – Apr 30, 2016   :  355            Jan 1 – Apr 29, 2017  :  394

Today two intrepid warrior members showed up – 5Points and Brian.  The weather forecast was iffy, but the day went off without even a hint of rain – a truly beautiful day.  Brian triumphed 1 up over 5Points in their match, shooting a Stableford 32 against 5Point’s’ 30 points, winning 100 baht in the process.

Singha Amateur Update:  Tomorrow is the Singha Amateur competition.  Four members are participating:  Graham, Brian, Bruce G, and 5Points.  Rob and Rodney will be playing from Chiang Rai Golf, as well as two friends of member Les, Kenny Jones and Andy Galway.  Registration starts at 10:00 AM.  The shotgun start is at 12:00 noon.  It appears, from looking at some of the notices posted at the course, that each player’s handicap will be set using System 36.  If you are not familiar with system 36, here is a web link that describes how it works: Then, using the handicap obtained via System 36, your round will be scored using regular Stableford scoring.

Next events:

Monday, 1 May:  We have a tee time (08:30).  Few if any SMAF regulars are planning to attend because of the Singha Amateur the previous day, but the tee time remains.  Please note the course will likely be starting heavy maintenance on the putting green and greens 1 – 9.

Thursday, 4 May:  Santiburi – Show up 8:15 (tee-off 8:30).


2 thoughts on “Results — Sat Apr 29 — Singha Amateur Update

  1. From what I can gather, System 36 rewards consistency. If one has 18 pars, or 18 bogeys, or 18 doubles, one would get 36 Stableford points. If we take the case of straight bogeys and examine what happens if instead of a bogey on a particular hole, the player gets a double bogey, it appears the golfer would need a compensating par on a similarly handicapped hole to stay at 36 Stableford points. As more holes deviate from the baseline of bogey, it appears the Stableford score falls away from 36. There is one other kicker for the Singha Amateur event – no handicaps above 24 are allowed. That means that if you get 18 pars or 18 bogeys you would get 36 Stableford points, but if you had 18 double bogeys, you would get only 24 Stableford points. Therein is the advantage for better golfers. I’m betting on Bruce G!


  2. Hi

    Hope you enjoy the Singha event, particularly 5 points. Lots of people don’t like the 36 points system but its fair enough in my view, Its like a golf raffle based on your round. There wont be a lot between first and last in all probability. in many ways a bit like skins. Enjoy



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