Sunday Results — Singha Amateur Event

Today was the Singha Amateur Circuit event at Santiburi.  Four members participated (5Points, Graham, Brian, and Bruce G), and four friends (Rob, playing for Mark W; Charchy, playing for Rodney; and Kenny Jones and Andy Gallaway, both from Chiang Mai, who are friends of member Les).

The event included 140 persons, and used the System 36 method of one-day tournament handicapping and scoring. The day was extremely hot, with a shotgun start at 12:00 noon, and with so many groups on the course, the progress was extremely slow.  The round took us 5.5+ hours to complete and we were all wiped out at the end of it.  No one played especially well, but 5Points, the designated “token farang”, did win a Singha hat when his name was drawn at the end.  In addition, Kenny Jones won a Taylor Made Hybrid club on a lucky draw, and also won closest-to-the-pin on 17.  Kenny and Andy both had a great time and were very happy to meet our group.

The four members played together and had a mini skins game among themselves.  5Points, who had an absolutely horrendous day, but did manage to eke out a few pars when they counted, had the lowest Stableford score by far but won the most skins.  There were only 21 skins at stake, since they did not play for closest to the pins on the par 3 holes, and the last hole was not won, so there were only a total of 20 skins.  Graham won the Stableford, and Brian came in second.  Here are the results:

5Points (25) / 23 Points / 9 skins / +160 Baht

Graham (20) / 42 Points / 6 Skins / +40 Baht

Brian (23) / 37 Points / 3 Skins / -80 Baht

Bruce G (5) / 33 Points / 2 Skins / -120 Baht

Please be aware Santiburi will be beginning their bi-annual heavy maintenance on Green 1-9 and the Putting Green starting TOMORROW, Monday, 1 May.

Next Events:

Monday, 1 May:  Santiburi – Although we have a tee time, no one will likely show due to golf fatigue!

Thursday, 4 May:  Santiburi – 08:15 (show up), 08:30 (tee Off)

Chiang Rai Golfers are at Waterford, Tuesday 8 AM.