Results — Sat May 6th — No more 5Points?

There were 5 Santiburi members for this very fine, warm day.   We decided to go off as a 5 ball this time.   The course is still in great shape — perfect bunkers and greens.  The rough has been cut down but is still a bit deep in places.

HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY.   On the 6th hole 5Points hit his 3rd shot from 151 yards and it landed on the green.   It was a bit hard to see but it was speculated that it may have gone in the hole.   Sure enough when we got up there 5Points found his ball in the hole for an eagle and 6 points.

Lowlight of the Day.  5Points achieved exactly 6 points on the back nine.   His final score was 21 + 6 = 27.

So here is the question.   Does he get to keep using the name 5Points after getting 6 points in 2 different ways in one day?    It was decided that since we all know him as 5Points he will be known as 5Points*  where we all know what the * means.

The front nine were all good scores but it appears the heat got to some later in the day.  Front nine scores:  5Points* 21, Brian 20, Leo 20, Graham 19, BruceG 19.   Graham won the stableford with 35 points.   Leo and BruceG were joint 2nd with 33 each.

Closest to the pins:  #3 — Graham (4′),   #7 — 5Points* (25′),  #12 — Bruce G (11′ birdie),  #17 — no one.

It was Bruce G’s birthday yesterday and he paid for the food and beer after today’s round.   Thanks Bruce.

Next week is our normal schedule:   Monday, Thursday, Saturday — Please be at the golf course by 8:15 AM.     Chiang Rai Golfers are at Waterford on Tuesday 8 AM.

Today’s scores and skins.

stb score Players hcp Skins Money
26 107 5Points* 25 4 -40
35 93 Graham 20 6 60
33 80 Bruce G 5 5.5 35
33 91 Leo 16 6.5 85
32 99 Brian 23 2 -140



3 thoughts on “Results — Sat May 6th — No more 5Points?

  1. lowlights, schmolights! Eagle, BABY! Six Points, and I’m not talking about the back nine! I’m talking about hole number 6, the number one handicap hole! 3 for SIX! YEAH!!! WOO HOO!


  2. Well done basil
    well done 5points*
    im sure that in all the years i e been playing ive never seen a 6 points on a scorecard well done
    Great 3rd shot on the 6th



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