Results — Thurs May 11

A very hot day out there today.   As it has been this past few weeks the course is in great shape and the rough can be punishing.   There were 4 Santiburi Members today.   As a change we decided to play a 2-ball better ball (50/50/50) with 5Points* and BruceG teamed up against Graham and Leo.

5Points* and BruceG easily won the first nine by 3 holes.  The second nine holes came to the 18th with BruceG’s excellent 3rd shot to give him an easy birdie.   The 5Points*-BruceG team finished up 150 baht on the day.   The highlight of the day was on the 17th when Leo hit it right at the pin only to have it trickle to 6 inches behind the hole.   Graham was inspired by it and also just missed finishing about 14″ behind the hole.  Both got birdies which was about the only positives in their day.

Final scores:   Graham 29 points, Leo 30 points, 5Points* 30 points, BruceG 37 points.

Santiburi Members and Friends meet as always on Saturday, Monday and Thursday.  Please be at the course by 8:15 AM.  All are always welcome.

Chiang Rai Golfers will be at Waterford on Tuesday at 8 AM.