Results — Sat May 13th — rematch

There was some concern today that the very, very young golfers that teed on both the 1st and 10th may hold us up.  Fortunately they didn’t and we got around in just under 4 hours.  There were 4 Santiburi Members today.   We decided that a rematch of last Thursday was in order so again it was a 2-ball better ball (50/50/50) with 5Points* and BruceG teamed up against Graham and Leo.

This time Leo and Graham won the front 9 by 2 holes.  The match came down to the final putt where 5Points made his par for his side to take the back nine by 3 holes.  The 5Points*-BruceG team finished up 50 baht on the day.   Had 5Points* not parred both the 17th and 18th he and BruceG would have lost everything.  A close match, good fun.

Final scores:   Leo 29 points, BruceG 30 points, 5Points* 35 points, Graham 36 points.

Santiburi Members and Friends meet as always on Monday, Thursday and Saturday.  Please be at the course by 8:15 AM.  All are always welcome.

Chiang Rai Golfers will be at Waterford on Tuesday at 8:30 AM.

5Points* found a video of someone getting an unusual birdie.