Results — Mon May 15th — another rematch

Well it had to happen.   Santiburi has started the maintenance but fortunately it didn’t affect us too much today.  Once again there were 4 Santiburi Members today.   We decided to have another rematch so again it was a 2-ball better ball (50/50/50) with 5Points* and BruceG teamed up against Graham and Leo.

Only BruceG played the front nine well and he and 5Points were up 3 holes at the turn.  Leo found his game on the back 9 and when needed Graham pitched in to save the day.  The match came down to the last hole where Leo’s par got the win.   He and Graham won for the 1st time — up one hole on the day and 50 baht.

Final scores:   5Points 23 points, Graham 33 points, Leo 34 points, BruceG 37 points.


For those that haven’t heard the sad news.  Jay Briel passed away last week.   Jay was a part time resident in Chiang Rai and played a fair amount of golf during the 2007 – 2011 period.  A real classy, articulate gentleman.

Santiburi Members and Friends meet as always on Thursday, Saturday, and Monday.  Please be at the course by 8:15 AM.  All are always welcome.

Chiang Rai Golfers will be at Waterford tomorrow (Tuesday) and again at Happy City on Thursday.   Both days at 8:30 AM.