Results — Thurs May 25

The scores were poor today.   Can we blame some bumpy greens, some thick rough and some scarified fairways that have only a thin layer of grass on them?   Thankfully it wasn’t as hot today as on Monday although it was a bit humid.  Once again there were 4 Santiburi Members today.   We decided to have another a 2-ball better ball (50/50/50) with Graham and Marc against Leo and Egbert..

Leo and Egbert were one up after nine.  They were still one up on the match going up to the 18th tee.  Graham halved the match with his par on the 18th.   It was a highly spirited back and forth match with a just result — neither side played great.

Final scores:   Leo 25 points, Egbert 28 points, Graham 29 points, Marc 30 points.

Santiburi Members and Friends meet as always on Saturday, Monday and Thursday.  Please be at the course by 8:15 AM.  All are always welcome.

Chiang Rai Golfers will be at Waterford  Tuesday at 8:30 AM.