Results — Sat June 3

It was hot and steamy at Santiburi.  The course is in pretty darn good condition, with the greens and fairways near perfect.  The rough remains lush and high.
There were four members today:  Graham, 5Points, Egbert and Les.   They players played a team game, high/low handicappers (Graham and Les) against the middle (Egbert and 5Points), with 50 baht on the line for each nine and the full round as well.
After seven holes Graham and Les wrapped up the front nine 4 holes to none with two to play.  However, 5Points and Egbert did win the ninth hole.  At the turn the Stableford scores were Egbert 18, Les 18, 5Points 19, and Graham 20, so (despite the hole-by-hole score disparity) everyone was playing pretty well.
The back nine was a different story.  5Points and Egbert won holes 10-12 (including Egbert’s near hole-in-one on 12 – Egbert stiffed it to within 12 inches from the hole) to tie the match. They went up one on 14 with Egbert’s par and up two with two to play with 5Points’ par on 16.  Thrillingly, Les chipped up close on 17 to win the hole against 5Points’ par, taking the match to the 18th hole.  Graham parted, but Egbert bogies with a stroke to square the hole.and win the match and the back nine.
Egbert had 25 points on the back nine for a total of 43.  5Points had 22 points on the back nine for a total of 41.  Graham had 17 for a total of 37, and Les had 15 points for a total of 33.
Next event:  Monday, 5 June. Santiburi, 8:15 am.  All are welcome!

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  1. Egbert 25 points on the back nine! I was so focused on the match I didn’t realize what a great back nine he was having. I knew I was doing well, and when I added up my back nine I figured I had the best Stableford score. Nope, not even close! Well done, Egbert!


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