Results — Thur Jun 8

It started out as a light mist, soon changed to a light rain, back to a mist, then clear for a while, then a light mist, and then absolutely perfect for the last few holes.   There had been heavy coring and sanding on the first two fairways, otherwise the course is still in very good shape.

Only 3 Santiburi Members made it out into the questionable weather.

Closest to the pins — #3  Leo (40′), #7 — no one,  #12 — Graham (38′) ,  #17 — all in the water.


stb score Players hcap Skins Money
30 104 5Points 26 5.0 -90
33 95 Graham 20 11.5 105
33 93 Leo 18 7.5 -15

Santiburi Members and Friends play every Monday, Thursday and Saturday.   Teeing off at 8:15 AM.  All are always welcome.

Chiang Rai Golfers are at Happy City on Sunday 8 AM.


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