Results — Mon Jun 12

Important Notice:   Santiburi is closed Wednesday and Thursday for a competition.   Santiburi Members and Friends won’t be meeting at Santiburi as usual on Thursday.  Our next day at Santiburi will be Saturday.   Please be at the course by 8:15 AM.

Due to the upcoming competition there were a lot of people on the course today playing a practice round.   We started on the 10th and played the back 9 in good time.  After completing the 18th, we went to the clubhouse for coffee/food as we were told we would have to wait about half an hour.  Once play got underway again the pace of play wasn’t that bad.

Closest to the pins:  #12 — Leo,  #17 — Leo,  #3 + #7 — no one.

Leo won the stableford again.  Les was 2nd and he won the most money — winning 5 skins on hole #2 certainly helped.

stb score Players hcap Skins Money
31 103 5Points 26 4 -30
31 97 Graham 20 1 -180
36 79 Bruce G 7 1 -180
38 88 Leo 18 7 120
37 105 Les 34 10 270

Completely off the golf topic but the following may be of interest.  Leo reports that he had front and rear cameras installed in both his cars 2 months ago.  These cameras are installed in the rear view mirror.  The cost is around 2400 baht for front and rear view or about 1800 baht for front view only.  The shop is about 100 yards from Patcharee’s Bar (on Sahamit directly opposite the trophy shop).  You should allow about 2 hours for installation.