Results — Thur June 15

Three intrepid members: (5Points, Leo, and Les) trucked out to Waterford Valley to play, since Santiburi was having a tournament that closed the course.  The sky threatened rain, but other than a brief shower on the eighth green, the rain held off and it was a wonderfully cool, overcast day – perfect for golf.  Waterford was in good condition.

 The three played the Six-Point game, where each player can win two points from every other player for each hole.  An outright win is worth two points and a tie is worth one.  With three players, there are six points awarded per hole.  They played a 50-baht Nassau.

 5Points and Leo tied the front nine with 21 points each.  The match came down to the 18th hole.  5Points had 16 points, and Leo had 20.  5Points had to win the hole outright and see Leo come in third to tie the back nine and the match.  5Points did what he had to do, winning the hole outright, but Les’ winning putt fell off to the right, and Leo tied with Les.  The final scores were Leo 90  with 42 match points  (21+21); 5Points 100  with 41 match points (21 + 20); and Les 115  with 25 match points (12 + 13).  Leo won B225, 5Points lost B75, and Les lost B150.

Santiburi Members and Friends plays every Monday, Thursday and Saturday.  Usual tee off is 8:15 AM.