Results — July 31st — updated handicaps

Number of rounds played by Santiburi Members and Friends:

Jan 1 – July 31, 2016   :  563            Jan 1 – July 31, 2017  :  581


It was a beautiful, sunny day but humid at Santiburi.  Caddie 911 wasn’t there for the humidity test.  There was a huge rain cloud that opened up shortly after finishing.   There were four members and one friend, Colin.  The course was in excellent condition but the 18th green hasn’t been draining well during rainstorms.  It appears that they may be setting up a temporary green.   If that happens it usually takes them 3 months to get the new green completed.

Closest to the Pins:

  • Hole 3:  Bruce G
  • Hole 7:  Les
  • Hole 12:  Bruce G
  • Hole 17:  no one


  • Winner:  Bruce G (35 Points)
  • Runners Up:  Bruce K, Graham  (31 Points)

Here are the results:

stb score Players hcap Skins Money
35 79 Bruce G 6 7 110
31 99 Graham 22 0.5 -215
30 112 Les 34 10 260
31 106 Bruce K 29 1.5 -165
26 96 Colin 14 5 10

Handicap changes:   Bruce G drops to 5,  Colin and Andrew are assigned 16 which will be reviewed after they have 5 current scores with us.

Name Handicap Index Blue Handicap
Andrew 16 assigned
Brian J 21.8 24
Bruce G 4.3 5  down 1
Darryl 17.1 18
Egbert 24.6 27
Graham T 20.8 22
5Points 26
Jockey John 20.3 22
Leo 16.2 17
Les 31.5 34
Marc 32.7 22
Steve 32.5 35
Peter R 11.5 12
Bruce K 30.4 31 plays 29
Colin 16 assigned
Will 12.6 14

Santiburi Members and Friends:

  • Every Thursday, Saturday and Monday. Be at the course by 8.15am

Chiang Rai Golfers

  • Waterford, Tuesday August 1, 8.30am (tomorrow)

Results — Sat July 29

Three Santiburi members — Bruce, Graham, Andrew + 1 Friend — Colin (who is back with us for about a month)
Weather was perfect at Santiburi. No rain and very few people on the course.  We decided to play match play with Graham and Bruce against Colin and Andrew.  Team Colin burst out of the blocks and were 4 up after six holes.  Graham had decided he needed Bruce to carry him as he was playing bad.  At the turn Team Colin where 3 up and won the front 50 baht.
The  game turned on the back nine with Graham starting to come good.  On the last hole the match was all square.  Graham stating he had 19 points for the last eight holes. He then promptly wiped the eighteenth.  It came down to a final shot between Bruce and Andrew from 100 out.   Bruce hit a low skungy shot to about 10 foot and won the hole and the match one up.  Bruce and Graham won 50 baht.
A good day was had by all.  Nearest the pins all went to Bruce.  No scores were recorded.

Next Events:

Santiburi Members and Friends

  • Every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.   Please be at the course by 8.15am.

Chiang Rai Golfers

  • Waterford, Tuesday August 1, 8.30am

Results – Thurs July 27, 2017

It was a beautiful, sunny day at Santiburi.  We had seven players:  five members and two friends, Will + Merv.  The course was in excellent condition, with only a few bunkers that still had some standing water.  We played the ball down, playing our regular skins game.  This is the first time Andrew has been back for our regular thrice-weekly get-together.  Welcome back Andrew!

Closest to the Pins:

  • Hole 3:  Will
  • Hole 7: No one (5Points did the walk of shame)
  • Hole 12:  Bruce G (times 2)
  • Hole 17:  Bruce G


  • Winner:  Graham (37 Points)
  • Runner Up:  Bruce G (36 Points)
  • Honorable Mention:  Will (35 Points)

Here are the results:

stb score Players hcap Skins Money
28 106 5Points 26 0.50 -215
37 93 Graham 22 7.00 240
36 78 Bruce G 6 6.50 205
26 98 Andrew 16 1.50 -145
27 114 Steve 33 3.00 -40
28 112 Merv 32 2.00 -110
35 87 Will 14 4.50 65

Next Events:

Santiburi Members and Friends

  • Every Thursday, Saturday and Monday. Be at the course by 8.15am

Chiang Rai Golfers

  • Waterford, Tuesday August 1, 8.30am

Santiburi 1 Year Membership for sale

Leo has sent in the following.

I am selling my Santiburi membership which expires on August 5, 2018 (about a year from now).  It has a current value of 55,000 baht.    This will be a blind auction.  You get one bid and whoever bids the most before 6 pm on Thursday gets it.   Any bids below 40,000 will not be considered.  If you are interested please send an email to my email address with your offer.   If there is anyone that doesn’t know my email address you can  click on the contact button at the bottom of this posting.

For those that aren’t aware — I have issues with my spine and will very likely be undergoing spinal surgery in the next couple weeks.  It is very likely that I won’t be playing golf again for at least 3 months, probably longer, possibly never.

I would like to thank those that have commented or sent me an email wishing me well.   I would like to say a special thanks to Santiburi member Dr. Egbert who sent me some helpful information.

For those that need some golf amusement I came across this.  It’s 4 years old but worth watching.


Results – Saturday, July 22, 2017 – Canada Cup Announcement

Please see the Canada Cup Announcement at the bottom of this post.

There were five members playing today.  The course has continued to receive considerable rain, and the bunkers remain compromised to the point that the players agreed to consider all bunkers “Ground Under Repair”, with a free drop outside the bunker.  We also played “Lift, clean and place in the fairway”.  The lakes are very high, to the point that hole 2 and hole 4 lakeside bunkers were actually part of the new, much larger lake.  Still, the fairways remained generally firm.  We played our normal skins game.

Here are today’s results:

stb score Players hcap Skins Money
32 102 5Points 26 7.50 135
31 99 Graham 22 4.00 -40
32 82 Bruce G 6 3.00 -90
22 119 Steve 33 3.50 -65
39 103 Les 34 6.00 60


Canada Cup:  July 24, 2017, Santiburi Golf Course, be at the course by 8:15 AM

We wish to remind all that the Canada Cup (which is by invitation only) is not a Santiburi Members and Friends event.   However,  it is our understanding that those who were not invited will be allowed to compete if they were to show up.   The Canada Cup organizers believes that anyone who shows up for a round of golf should never be told “You can’t play”.   An email from the organizers will be going out later today to those that signed up.

As many are aware Leo walked off the golf course in pain 2 weeks ago.   He informed us today that he will be putting his membership up for sale next week as he is not sure when or even if he will be able to play again.  He will be auctioning off his membership which expires a year from now.   Leo will continue to do the handicaps for the members as long as the members want him to do it.   The blog entries with the results will usually be done by 5Points.

Santiburi Members and Friends plays every Monday, Thursday and Saturday.   Please be at the golf course by 8:15 AM.   All are always welcome.

Chiang Rai Golfers are at Waterford tomorrow 8 AM — contact Rob P to confirm.   Also Tuesday at Waterford 8:30 AM and Thursday at Happy City 8:30 AM.




Results — Thursday, July 20, 2017

Today opened with rain, and the rain (moderately heavy at times) persisted through hole 9, but after that it stopped and remained dray and overcast for the rest of the day.  The course has sustained a large amount of rain over the past few days and weeks, and remains in incredibly good condition.  The primary effects are soft ground areas and bunker that have standing water and erosion.  5Points and Bruce G each lost a ball in a standing water in a bunker today.  Apart from that, the course is in great condition.  We played lift, clean and place on the fairways, and it really wasn’t needed much.

Three intrepid members (5Points, Bruce G, and Steve) showed up today.  They played 100 baht for the best stableford score, from the white tees.  Bruce G won by shooting his handicap.  5Points shot his handicap on the back but was unable to equal the feat on the front.

Steve kindly bought lunch for 5Points and Bruce G, having run into a bit of luck at the track in Hong Kong!  For all you folks who could not brave the rain, the food was delicious!  Thanks, Steve!

Here are the results:

Player / Handicap / Gross Score / Net Score / Stableford / Win (Loss)

Bruce G / 6 / 78 / 72 / 36 / +200

5Points / 26 / 103 / 77 / (-100)

Steve / 34 / 118 / 94 / (-100)

Results — Mon July 17

The weather report was awful, but the rain held off once again until we were able to finish the round.  There were four Santiburi Members today.   The course conditions were more marginal than usual.  It appears the course has received a lot of rain in the last few days, and nearly all of the bunkers were either eroded badly or in the middle stages of repair.  Not a lot of standing water, but the sand is wet and most bunkers that have been partially repaired are still in need of some work.  Furthermore, the greens keepers also used small tine aerators on greens one through nine, and they have returned to work finishing the big-bore aeration on the back nine fairways.    So, there is lots of work going on at Santiburi.  Of course, the course still remains playable so the work is not overly obtrusive, but the combination of weather factors and regular maintenance made the conditions more difficult today.

The four decided to play a two-man team 50-baht Nassau, Bruce and Less against 5Points and Graham.  On the opening nine, 5Points and Graham took quite a while to get started.  By the time they arrived at hole 7, they were three down with three to play on the front side.  Never daunted, Graham got to work and won the next two holes.  But they could only manage a tie on the 9th hole. So Bruce and Les won the front nine by one hole.

Blood drawn and the gauntlet set, things got more serious on the back nine.  The next four holes were tied at 2 points each.  Graham’s 2-point bogey won the 14th hole, putting their team up one hole on the back and squaring the match.  Then 5Points chipped in from 70 feet for par on 15, and bogied for 3 points on the long 16th.  This put 5Points and Graham up three on the back with two to play (so they won the back nine), and dormy for the match.  Could 5Points and Graham hold off Les and Bruce to win?  Or would it finish all square?

Les’ two-point double on 17 won that hole, so it came down to the 18th.   Bruce G unexpectedly found the water with his approach, and Graham got on in 5 and two putted.  Les got on in five and made a long putt for bogey.  5Points put his fourth shot wide of the green but putted to within four feet to set up his bogey, and sunk it to tie the hole and win the match.

Leo showed up for lunch and informed those present that due to medical reasons he will be away from golf for a minimum of 2 weeks.

stb score Players hcap Money
25 89 Bruce G 6 -50
32 98 Graham 22 50
32 102 5Points 26 50
34 108 Les 34 -50

No golf today or Saturday

Due to the rain there was no golf today.    Most of the Santiburi members will be out of town on Saturday so it is likely no one will be there.   Assuming the weather is better we will be back to our normal schedule on Monday.

Santiburi Members and Friends meet on Monday, Thursday and Saturday.  Please be at the course by 8:15 AM.   Our friends are reminded that the green fee + caddie fee every day during the month of July is only 1300 baht.

Results — Mon Jul 10

The weather report was quite dismal, forecasting rain at 100% chance for around 10 AM, and it was accurate.  The rain started falling right about the sixth tee, and became a steady (but relatively light) rain with no wind or lightning.  The course remained eminently playable.  However, Leo (who has been experiencing health issues and has informed us that he will be gone for at least a week) decided to call it a day and departed after the 7th hole.  Graham, who has a well-known preference for days without rain, and who correctly feels that there will always be another day for golf, decided to depart after nine.  Both Leo and Graham posted their 250 baht before leaving.  Graham had won one skin, and Leo’s slate was bare.

 That left Bruce G, Les, and 5Points.  At the turn, the Stableford scores were Bruce G 22 points (he made the turn at 1 under on the day); 5Points 15, and Les 14.  The rain continued steadily up until about the 16th green, at which time it generally stopped.  The course remained playable all day.

 Bruce G boringly turned in 9 additional pars to shoot a gross 71, for a total of 43 Stableford points.  Obviously his Scottish heritage and experience playing in marginal conditions, with a stiff wind blowing rain up his kilt, factored in his favor.  5Points garnered 20 points on the back nine, for a total of 35.  Les got 16 on the back, for a total of 30.   He commented that he never did really like wearing a kilt, and so that must be the difference.  A couple of highlights were Bruce G getting on the green on 12 and parring to win three skins for closest, and Les chipping on the same hole and putting in for par to win three skins for the Stableford.  5Points and Bruce G both parred 18, but 5Points with an extra stroke took the hole.

 However, all three were winners, because they were playing for Leo’s and Graham’s money!

stb score Players hcap 1 Skins Money
43 71 Bruce G 6 11 11 300
 DNF Graham 22 1 1 -200
35 99 5Points 26 7 7 100
 DNF Leo 17 0 -250
30 112 Les 34 6 6 50

Results — Sat July 8

Another perfect day for golf.   There were 5 Santiburi Members and we had to pause a couple of time to let 2-balls go through.   Other than that the course was very quiet.

Going back to the blue tees didn’t affect BruceG’s game.  He played very well and won the stableford with 41 points.   Graham was surprised to find he came 2nd with 34 points.

Closest to the pins — #3, #7  — no one,  #12 — BruceG (10′),  #17– BruceG (3′) and missed his birdie putt.

Santiburi Members and Friends meet on Monday, Thursday and Saturday.  Please be at the course by 8:15 AM.   Our friends are reminded that the green fee + caddie fee every day during the month of July is only 1300 baht.   

Chiang Rai Golfers play tomorrow — Contact Rob for details.    They will be at Waterford on Tuesday 8:30 AM.

Today’s scores:

stb score Players hcap Skins Money
41 73 Bruce G 6 6 60
34 96 Graham 22 1 -190
26 108 5Points 26 6 60
30 95 Leo 17 3 -90
32 110 Les 34 8 160