Results — Mon Jul 10

The weather report was quite dismal, forecasting rain at 100% chance for around 10 AM, and it was accurate.  The rain started falling right about the sixth tee, and became a steady (but relatively light) rain with no wind or lightning.  The course remained eminently playable.  However, Leo (who has been experiencing health issues and has informed us that he will be gone for at least a week) decided to call it a day and departed after the 7th hole.  Graham, who has a well-known preference for days without rain, and who correctly feels that there will always be another day for golf, decided to depart after nine.  Both Leo and Graham posted their 250 baht before leaving.  Graham had won one skin, and Leo’s slate was bare.

 That left Bruce G, Les, and 5Points.  At the turn, the Stableford scores were Bruce G 22 points (he made the turn at 1 under on the day); 5Points 15, and Les 14.  The rain continued steadily up until about the 16th green, at which time it generally stopped.  The course remained playable all day.

 Bruce G boringly turned in 9 additional pars to shoot a gross 71, for a total of 43 Stableford points.  Obviously his Scottish heritage and experience playing in marginal conditions, with a stiff wind blowing rain up his kilt, factored in his favor.  5Points garnered 20 points on the back nine, for a total of 35.  Les got 16 on the back, for a total of 30.   He commented that he never did really like wearing a kilt, and so that must be the difference.  A couple of highlights were Bruce G getting on the green on 12 and parring to win three skins for closest, and Les chipping on the same hole and putting in for par to win three skins for the Stableford.  5Points and Bruce G both parred 18, but 5Points with an extra stroke took the hole.

 However, all three were winners, because they were playing for Leo’s and Graham’s money!

stb score Players hcap 1 Skins Money
43 71 Bruce G 6 11 11 300
 DNF Graham 22 1 1 -200
35 99 5Points 26 7 7 100
 DNF Leo 17 0 -250
30 112 Les 34 6 6 50