Results – August 12, 2017

It was a warm, muggy day at Santiburi.  The course was in fine condition, with all bunkers repaired and the fairways in good shape.  We had eight players:  six members and two friends, Colin and Jeff.  The Organizer of the Day, Andrew, called for foursome skins, with team awards for closest-to-the-pins on all par 3’s and team awards for the best stableford score and runner-up score.

I’ll go ahead and say it, 5Points was hard-pressed to figure all this out at the end.  Maybe he should drink; it may have all been clearer at the end of the day.  Nonetheless, after some interminable delays, we calculated the winnings and came to an amicable agreement on the outcome.  Leo, come back!  Everyone agrees, you do this so much better than 5Points!

Here are the results:

Closest to the Pins:

  • Hole 3: Bruce G (1 skin for Team Bruce G)
  • Hole 7: Peter (1 skin for Team 5Points)
  • Hole 12: Andrew (1 skin for Team Graham)
  • Hole 17: Jeff (1 skin for Team Les)


  • Stableford Winner:  Bruce G – 35 Points (2 skins for Team Bruce G)
  • Runner Up:  Tie Andrew and Graham – 32 Points (1 skin for Team Graham)

With team skins, each team records the best stableford score for each hole.  With four teams, a tie is a carryover — holes must be won outright.    There were a lot of carry-overs, and once again Team Les made the right scores on the right holes, including winning 7 skins on hole 10.  Team Bruce G won 6 skins on hole 18 due to a tie, since our standard practice with blind skins is to award a carry-over on hole 18 to the team with the highest stableford score.


stb score Players hcap Skins Money
29 105 5Points 26 0.50 -210
24 94 Peter 10 0.50 -210
  Team 5Points 1.00 -420
32 98 Graham 22 2.00 -90
32 92 Andrew 16 2.00 -90
Team Graham 4.00 -180
35 78 Bruce G 5 4.50 110
31 93 Colin 16 4.50 110
Team Bruce G
9.00 220
31 111 Les 34 5.50 190
27 95 Jeff 14 5.50 190
Team Les 11.00 380

Santiburi Members and Friends

  • Every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.   Please be at the course by 8.15am.

Chiang Rai Golfers.

  • Waterford  Tuesday 15th  8 30am

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