Updated Handicaps – Money List

A few notes from the outgoing Fairness Specialist.

Skins:   Back in the beginning it was perceived that skins favoured the high handicappers.  It doesn’t.  The biggest positive of skins is that if someone is having a bad day they are inclined to remain interested in the next hole because it matters.  Handicap manipulation can occur if the last couple holes don’t matter. Medal and Stableford players tend to throw in the towel if they start poorly.

White tees:  Back in 2009 there were 14 Santiburi members that played 25 or more times.  Of the 14 members there were 6 that had handicaps of 14 or less, 4 between 15 and 19, and 4 that had handicaps of 20 or more with the highest being 25.   Currently there is 1 member below 16, 4 members 17 – 19, 6 in the 20’s, and 3 in the 30’s.  In 2009 it made sense to play the blues.   The members have evolved into a group where several are struggling from the blues.  Perhaps it is time to change to having most if not all competitions from the white tees.

Handicaps:   There are 3 handicap systems used in the world (USGA, EGA and CONGU).  They all have their flaws.  None of them address the fact that Santiburi can play up to 4 strokes more difficult depending on the tee boxes used and the dampness of the rough and fairway. The purpose of handicaps is to try make a level playing field.   Everyone should have an equal chance to win money no matter what level of ability they possess.   Consideration should be given to those that frequently lose money.   We don’t want players leaving the group because they usually lose money.   That isn’t fun!   The USGA manual states that the Handicap Committee may adjust handicaps.  I adopted the title “Fairness Specialist” because I recognized that there is more to handicapping than just inputting scores and watching a computer spew out handicaps.   Computers don’t understand what is fair.

I never penalize someone for a good round or a streak of good rounds.   The handicap system does that well enough.   However during the past year or so I have routinely given 2 bonus shots for the following:

  • Anyone new that has never played or has limited experience at Santiburi. I have never found a visitor to exaggerate his handicap.   Lack of course knowledge is worth at least 2 strokes.
  • Anyone that has been out of town for 3 or more months. Almost all return “rusty”.
  • Anyone that has been losing on a regular basis that feels they need the extra help. Skins may not suit some golfer’s style of play.  It’s rare that this happens but there is a need to keep everyone happy.

Once any of the above manage 36+ points a couple times over a short period of time I take the bonus strokes away.

I find the Chiang Rai Golfers handicaps to be compatible with ours and accept their handicaps as they are.

In closing I would like to thank all the members (and former members) for their support this past 2 and a half years and hope you all support the new Fairness Specialist (Graham) as well.  Graham knows he can always count on me for help and advise.

Feel free to comment below.

Current handicaps:

Changes:  Andrew up 1 to 17,  Graham up 1 to 23,  Les down 1 to 33, Marc down 1 to 21, Peter up 1 to 13

Name Handicap Index Blue Handicap White tee comps
Andrew 15.4 17  up 1 16
Brian J 21.8 24 22
Bruce G 4.9 5 5
Darryl 17.1 18 17
Egbert 24.6 27 25
Graham T 21.7 23 up 1 22
5Points 26 26
Jockey John 20.3 22 20
Leo 16.2 17 16
Les 30.8 33 down 1 31
Marc 19.9 21 down 1 20
Peter R 12 13 up 1 12
Steve 32.7 35 33
Bruce K 30.4 plays 29 31
Colin 16 assigned 15
Will 12.6 14 13

Money List:

member 2017 skins only 2017 all comps 2015 ->now per round
BruceG 1636 2866 14297 72
Les 1838 1928 1223 20
Leo 1596 1571 3164 11
Darryl 1411 1411 1052 17
5Points 1926 1111 -970 -4
Peter 1182 712 1252 33
Egbert 248 248 191 3
Steve 20 -80 -1589 -66
Andrew -370 -420 -2037 -46
Marc -250 -500 -1272 -16
BruceK -772 -822 -2682 -56
Jockey -1052 -1052 1272 15
Brian -1576 -1476 -5412 -38
Graham -1796 -1936 -201 -1

5 thoughts on “Updated Handicaps – Money List

  1. Hi
    My previous handicap was 16 so thanks in advance for the extra strock

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  2. Hi, I have three comments:

    1 The main comment, Thank you Leo

    2 My preference would be to play the blue tees at least 50% of the time but then I’m not here all the time anyway.
    3 Handicaps are sometimes called an index and then the index informs the playing handicap adjusted in appreciation of the “slope rating” though in my experience most groups don’t do this; though you guys have some variation between white and blue handicaps which pretty much does the job.




  3. Peter with regard to #3 — The reason us guys have some variation between white and blue handicaps that does the job is because we do it exactly as you have described. The handicap program takes your index and adjusts it according to the slope. Blue tees — index times 122 divided by 113. White tees — index times 114 divided by 113.


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