Results – Mon Aug 28

Today was a beautiful, if humid, day for golf at Santiburi.  The course is undergoing maintenance, as is always the case during these waning days of the rainy season.  The front nine greens are in the process of being scarified, cored and sanded.  The back nine fairways are in the process of being cored and sanded.  Combined with generally wet conditions, it makes for more difficult playing.

There were eight participants today — six members and two friends:  Garry and Will.  We played lift, clean and place on the fairways, and allowed for lift, clean and drop in the rough if a player’s ball is in an area affected by course maintenance (weed removal divots and the like).

The Organizer of the Day (Andrew) arranged four-man teams, with each team recording the sum of the best three balls as the team score.  Each player contributed 100 Baht for the team score prize.  We also played closest-to-the-pins on each par-3 hole, for a total of 40 baht per player.  We went off the back nine first, as the front nine greens were being attended to by the greenskeeper staff.



  • Hole 12:  Marc
  • Hole 17:  Andrew
  • Hole 3:  No One
  • Hole 7:  Will (x2)

Team Competition:  Team Graham scored 115 points, beating Team Andrew (107) by 8 points.


stb score Players Score Money
40 91 Graham 60
20 114 5Points 60
32 90 Will 220
31 82 Bruce G 60
T. Graham 115  Winner!
34 91 Andrew -60
30 101 Garry -140
30 111 Les -140
31 98 Marc -60
T. Andrew 107

Next Events:

Wednesday, August 30:  Tony Gallagher Memorial Tournament, Waterford Valley GC, 8:30 AM tee-off.

Santiburi Members and Friends

  • Thursday, August 31:  Please note there is NO Santiburi Members and Friends event scheduled, due to the Tony Gallagher event the previous day.
  • Every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.   Please be at the course by 8.15am.