Results – Saturday, September 9, 2017

“This, too, shall pass…”

Ah, what a difference a day makes.  When we last looked upon the fortunes of our intrepid SMAF fivesome of Les, Graham, Andrew, Bruce G, and 5Points, Les and Graham were the big winners and 5Points was grateful for his meager 18 points.  But, this, too shall pass away.  Today, the weather was overcast with a hint of rain, but the rain held off until the fivesome putted out on 18.  At least one member of the group was thinking about going home at the turn, but everyone gamely stayed with it until the end.  Perhaps getting a birdie and winning six skins helped make the decision to stay.  The only constant was Graham, who came in second place in the stableford and took the lion’s share of the skins.  Everyone else pretty much swapped places from last Thursday.  We played our regular skins game.  Here are the results:


  • Winner:  5Points (36 points)
  • Runner-up:  Graham (33 points)

Closest to the Pins

  • Hole 3:  Bruce G
  • Hole 7:  Andrew
  • Hole 12:  Bruce G
  • Hole 17:  Graham
stb score Players hcap Skins Money
36 98 5Points 26 7.00 100
33 98 Graham 23 8 150
29 96 Andrew 17 7.00 100
28 113 Les 33 0.00 -250
27 87 Bruce G 6 3.00 -100

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