Results — Sat Sept 23

Overcast skies and light rain greeted 4 members on the first tee but we decided to try our luck.
A team game was the order of the day, Peter and Bruce vs Les and Graham for the high stakes of 100 baht each.
The team game was best score wins but if halved the next best score decides winner, if the same the hole is pushed.
By the time we had reached the 4 tee the light showers departed only to be replaced by high humidity and glimpses of sun.
The game was close but on the back 9 Les and Graham could not reel the others in and by the 17th  with 3 down the game was conceded.
The highlight of the day was Peter keeping up with tradition and quacking twice on the 18th.
stb score Players hcap Skins Money
42 74 Bruce G 8 100
40 90 Graham 22 -100
33 107 Les 32 -100
37 84 Peter 13 100
Updated Handicaps will come out after golf on Monday.

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