Results – Monday, October 16, 2017

The day started beautifully cool and overcast, and we nearly got away without getting wet, but it was only a light rain starting on the 16th hole, which did not interfere with play.  We had five participants, all members.  Once again Egbert dominated, winning the stableford and the lion’s share of the skins.  The highlight of the day was watching Leo’s second shot on the second hole go right and bounce once near the cart path before landing in the bed of a maintenance pickup truck that was trundling by.  The driver didn’t notice, and kept driving on to his intended destination more than halfway to the third hole green.  Bruce had a “walk of shame” on Hole 7, leaving it open for Leo’s win, who had also hit the green but successfully made his par putt.  Graham and 5Points both hit the green on 17, but far away from the hole (Graham was closest).  However, both did their own walk of shame, as neither of them found the bottom of the hole in par or better.

A question on the rules of golf arose on the 9th hole.  Graham’s ball had come to rest about 5 feet short of the green, and Egbert, who was putting from off the green at a position behind Graham’s ball, struck Graham’s ball with his ball.  None of us was sure whether Graham’s ball should be replaced in its original position, or if this was a rule that applied only on the putting surface.  Here is the answer:

Per Rule 18-5, if a ball in play and at rest is moved by another ball in motion after a stroke, the moved ball must be replaced.

Per the basic definitions, a ball is “in play” as soon as a player has made a stroke on the teeing ground.  It remains in play until it is holed, except when it is lost, out of bounds or lifted.  Thus, Graham’s ball should be replaced in its original position.

stb score Players hcap Skins Money
32 103 5Points 27 0.00 -230
40 95 Egbert 27 11.00 320
36 79 Bruce G 7 1.00 -180
34 87 Leo 13 6.00 70
32 97 Graham 21 5.00 20

Next Events:

Santiburi Members and Friends:  Every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, 8:30 AM tee-off (Please be at the course by 8:15 AM)

Chiang Rai Golfers:  Tuesday (17th) Waterford 7:45 AM,  Thursday (19th) Happy City 8:30 AM.