Results – November 2, 2017

Another beautiful day for golf.  Please be advised the high season rates are in effect at Santiburi:  Weekdays green fee B2,000; Weekends and Holidays:  B2,500.  Caddy Fee is B300 and (optional) Cart Fee is B600.  If you play with a member, we can get you a 20% discount on the green fee (Weekday B1,600; Weekends and Holidays B2,000).  We believe that low season rates will kick in again on March 1, 2018.

Today we had five members.  We played our regular skins game from the blue tees, except Leo, who played from white tees.

Some people argue skins favors the low handicappers.  Some say it favors the high handicappers.  Our Money list seems to strongly indicate that it is random, and that low handicappers win more money than high handicappers because of their accuracy on the par 3’s and their ability to consistently put up good stableford scores.

Today was definitely a random day.  5Points, to be perfectly frank, had a difficult day of golf, scoring only 21 stableford points.  But in a five -ball, there are usually a lot of holes that are tied and get pushed to the next hole.  That is what happened for the first seven holes, a stretch during which 5Points scored exactly seven points.  On the seventh hole, it must be noted, Graham had a 2.5 foot putt to win seven skins.  But, sadly, he missed, and the hole was pushed again.  On the next hole, on his third shot, 5Points blindly stabbed at the ball yet again, and it soared beautifully to within 4 feet of the pin, stunning his competitors into a watery funk from which no one emerged to come within two shots.  Not to be outdone, 5Points MISSED his 4-footer, but his bogey was enough to win the hole outright and claim 8 skins.

5Points went on to demonstrate that he still had not a shred of golfing ability on tap today, but it didn’t matter because he still won more skins than anyone.  Hey, it’s better to be lucky than good.

Bruce G continues to put on quite a show for the crowd, shooting a three-over-par 75.

Graham regretfully won not a single skin.  Had he made the short putt, he would have won seven and 5Points would have won only two.  These are the small matters upon which major outcomes rest.

Stableford scores:

  • Winner: Bruce G (38 Points)
  • Runner-Up:  Egbert (37 Points)

Closest to the Pins:

  • Hole 3:  Leo
  • Hole 7:  No One
  • Hole 12:  Bruce G (x2)
  • Hole 17:  Egbert


stb score Players hcap Skins Money
21 117 5Points 30 9.00 450 200
38 75 Bruce G 5 5.00 250 0
35 86 Leo 13 4.00 200 -50
25 104 Graham 21 0.00 0 -250
37 96 Egbert 25 7.00 350 100

Next Events:

Santiburi Members and Friends:  Every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, 8:30 AM tee-off (Please be at the course by 8:15 AM).

Chiang Rai Golfers:

  • Waterford,Tuesday November 7,7.50am. (Walking special 550 baht)