Results — Wed. Nov 22, 2017

Reminder — Some of us are playing again tomorrow at the usual tee time.   It is expected that there will be 5 or 6 showing up.

There were 5 members and 5 friends that turned out for another beautiful day at Santiburi.   We chose to play this particular Wednesday so we could have one last round with our new Aussie friends (Rob, Mike and Peter) who will be leaving Chiang Rai tomorrow morning.  They have been great fun and they really enjoyed playing in the skins game.   Also, David played his last game with us for this time around.    All four won money today and said they expect to be back in the future.

Today was one of those days when we just love the Santiburi management.   Four vans of Burmese (19 golfers) showed up just ahead of us and they didn’t have tee times.   They started teeing off the 10th so we didn’t think there was a problem.   But there was!!!   A juniors tournament was starting at 10 AM off the 10th tee just when we would be getting there.   The starter, Rhom, was very apologetic and as we got to the 10th he let us tee off in the middle of the tournament participants.   Our first 3-some actually got around in about 3:35, the 2nd 3-some and the 4-some took about 4 hours each.   It wasn’t as bad as we expected and it was certainly better than it would have been if we were stuck behind the Burmese for 18 holes.

You couldn’t exactly call today’s play exceptional golf.  BruceG had another dismal round, Leo had 19 points less than Monday, Graham had 9 points less than Monday, and our newest friend Uli who hits the ball far but suffers from a poor short game were the bottom four.  Rob did the walk of shame twice — on #3 and #17.   The stableford was shared at 35 points between Rob and Brian.    Rob won the most money.

Closest to the pins:  #3 — Peter,   #7 –Peter,   #12 — Mike  #17 — David  (Where were the members?)

Today’s scores:

stb score Players hcap Skins Money
25 88 Bruce G 5 1 -150
35 86 Rob 13 6 350
26 95 w Leo 13 3 50
34 99 Egbert 25 0.5 -200
20 105 Uli 17 0 -250
34 87 Peter 13 3 50
29 100 Graham 21 0.5 -200
35 99 Brian 26 3 50
32 89 Mike 13 3 50
31 94 David 17 5 250

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