Results — Thurs Dec 7th

Another perfect day for golf at Santiburi , cool – overcast skies , that’s why we live here, anyway enough rubbing it  in to those that don’t.   We had 5 Members – Bruce G, Egbert, Brian J, Graham and Andrew and 1 friend Ralph.
It was decided that we would have a team game playing 6 -6 and 6
Team Jolly Dinger – Egbert , Bruce G and Brian (Jolly Dinger)
Team Ralph – Ralph , Andrew and Graham
1st 6 Team Jolly Dinger 16pts
         Team Ralph         18pts
2nd 6 Team Jolly Dinger 31pts
          Team Ralph         30pts
3rd 6 Team Jolly Dinger 29pts  Total 76
          Team Ralph         29pts  Total 77 WINNERS
Team Ralph wins 50bht each
Individual Scores
Bruce G  34pts     77
Brian J    29pts     99
 Egbert   34pts     98
Ralph     28pts     109
Andrew  36pts     90
Graham   37pts   83
Just a reminder that next Monday 11 Dec is a Public Holiday.
Santiburi Members and Friends play every Monday, Thursday and Saturday.   All are always welcome.