Results: Saturday, December 9, 2017

The day started out looking like rain, but it never materialized.  The course had had some rain over night, however, and was a little muddy in a few places — nothing substantial.

We had seven participants:  six members and one friend, Ralph.  We played our regular skins game off the blue tees (Ralph, white tees).

No one was putting up highlights for ESPN sportscenter.  Egbert won the stableford and Bruce G came in second.  Four of the group — more than half — tied at a measly 30 Stableford points.  Egbert edged Bruce G for closest on the 3rd hole.  Bruce got the 7th and the 17th.  Graham hit a nice shot to take the 12th away from Ralph.

There was some excitement between 5Points and Bruce G.  They made their normal side bet — 100 baht on the total stableford score, with the proviso that if either score was below 30 points, the bet is off.  After 5Points skidded to a mere 10 points on the front nine, it appeared the bet would be off!  5Points, never one to let himself get off the hook so easily, pressed Bruce G on the back 9, with the cut-off 15 points.  Bruce G accepted the bet, but then immediately reeled off 5 bogies for one point each, while 5Points got his game into action.  It turned out both bets were on, with 5Points scoring exactly 30 (20 points on the back).  Bruce G scored 16 points to lose the back nine but win the over-all.  No blood!  5Points reported later that if he had simply missed his last putt, he would have won the back nine and had no contest on the overall, meaning +100 baht for him.  But integrity and love for the game and the spirit of sportsmanship, yada yada yada, won the day and he tapped in his final putt to score 30.

Here are the results:


  • Winner:  Egbert (35 Points)
  • Runner-Up:  Bruce G (34 Points)

Closest to the Pins:

  • Hole 3:  Egbert
  • Hole 7:  Bruce G
  • Hole 12:  Graham
  • Hole 17:  Bruce G
stb score Players hcap Skins Money
30 108 5Points 30 2.00 -110
30 102 Brian 24 0.50 -215
35 97 Egbert 24 7.00 240
34 80 Bruce G 6 4.00 30
30 114 Ralph – W 36 3.00 -40
30 100 Graham 22 3.50 -5
31 96 Andrew 19 5.00 100

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