Results: Saturday, December 30, 2017

This is our last round for 2017.  It has been a great year for Santiburi members and Friends!  Your humble correspondent would like to thank everyone for their participation in our informal golf group.  We’ve made a lot of friends, and played a lot of fun golf.  Here’s looking forward to an even better year in 2018!

Please note that we have cancelled our tee time for January 1, 2018, because an informal poll around the table indicated no one planned to play on that day.  Better to sleep it off and come back refreshed!  Our first SMAF event of 2018 will be Thursday, January 4, 2018 (we have three tee times starting at 8:48 AM).

We had a very large group today:  eleven members and two friends, Garry and Mickey (Peter’s friend).  Also returning after a long absence was Member Darryl.  Welcome back, Darryl!  His donations were greatly missed and much appreciated today.

The weather was overcast and mild, a perfect golf day.  The course remains in top-notch condition.  5Points and Andrew, who played in the same group, had a shoot-out to grab the top Stableford prize.  5Points won it by won point over Andrew, 41 to 40.  It should be noted that after last Thursday’s performance, 5Points arbitrarily cut his own handicap by 2 Points, from 30 to 28.  Some may say he didn’t cut enough!  The drop in his handicap meant he lost a stroke on the handicap-12 13th hole.  He birdied that hole today for 4 Points  (so did Leo).  it could have been a 5Pointer!

Today the skins were spread around a bit more evenly.  Brian was the big winner with 5 skins.  5Points came in second with 4 skins.

Closes to the pins were also spread out.  Paul took Hole #3.  Peter took Hole #7 (Young did the Walk of Shame).  Brian got #12.  Young redeemed herself on Hole #17 with a closest prize and a 4-point birdie.

This is definitely one of the biggest turnouts of the year, and it was so much fun to get together with friends old and new.  Please accept our best wishes for all of our SMAF family to have a wonderful new year of health, happiness, and great golf!  Please be safe and have a great time — we will see you next year!

Here are the results:


  • Winner:  5Points (41 Points)
  • Runner-Up:  Andrew (40 Points)

Closest to the Pins:

  • Hole #3:  Paul
  • Hole #7:  Peter (Young did the Walk of Shame)
  • Hole #12:  Brian
  • Hole #17:  Young
stb score Players hcap Skins Money
41 95 5Points 28 4.00 270
37 95 Brian 24 5.00 400
33 93 Paul 18 1.00 -120
30 108 Young – R 30 3.00 140
35 86 Leo – W 13 3.00 140
34 96 Graham 22 1.00 -120
25 89 Bruce G 6 0.00 -250
37 84 Peter 13 3.50 205
30 102 Garry 24 1.00 -120
40 87 Andrew 19 1.50 -55
35 87 Darryl -W 14 1.00 -120
20 107 Mickey 19 0.00 -250
31 86 John 9 1.00 -120

Next Events:

Santiburi Members and Friends:

  • Please note there is NO SMAF event on Monday, january 1, 2018.  We have cancelled that tee time since everyone indicated they would not be participating.
  • Nest SMAF Event:  Thursday, January 4, 2018, 8:48 AM (Please be at the course by 8:30 AM latest)
  • In general, every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, 8:30 AM tee-off (Please be at the course by 8:15 AM)  (Tee times may vary slightly during high season.)

Chiang Rai Golfers

  • Captain’s Cup, Tuesday, January 2, Waterford, 9am (Please advise if you want to play by emailing
  • Tuesday, January 9, Waterford, 9am
  • Tuesday, January 16, Waterford, 9.30am
  • Tuesday, January 23, Waterford, 9.30am
  • Tuesday, January 30, Waterford, 9am

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