Results — Sat Feb 17th

Today  we had 5 Members ; Steve, Andrew, Bruce G, Egbert  and Graham
We also  had Doc  join us.
The  conditions  could  only be  described  as perfect  added  to  that  the boss  man  Santi  was  playing  in his  backyard  so there were no machinery  or  workers
It was  decided to  have  a White Tee  Stroke  comp 100bht  a  head  no  nearest pins
A fairly  uneventful  game  =not  like  Egbert’s  score  of 47!!  (remember  that  number)
Scores.           HCP
Steve 108. :48     33.      75
Egbert 100.    26.       74
Bruce G 79.    8.         71
In  second place was Andrew
Andrew  85.     17.       68 +200bht
Graham.  81.    20.       61+ 300bht
Grahams  best  round  ever  48 POINTS  !!!!!!!!
He was  heard to  say  why  do  I play  good  when  there is no  bastard  here?  But  it’s good to take  Egbert’s  glory.
Next Santiburi Members and Friends events:
Monday Feb 19 and Thursday Feb 22 — tee time 8:48 — please be at the course by 8:30.

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