Canada Cup Photos – Pt. 1

A spectacularly beautiful day, with moderate temps and partly sunny skies.   A slight breeze made it absolutely perfect for the 10th annual Canada Cup.  Happy City is in excellent shape which made it a perfect venue.

Our goal every year is was for old friends and new to get together for a game of golf.  There were 23 participants who were there to PLAY GOLF AND HAVE FUN.  Two had flown in from Australia and another from Hong Kong because they wanted to play in this event.

The organizers would like to say thank once again to the participants that generously donated to the prize pool.   Chiang Rai Golfers fully supported this year’s Canada Cup not only by all coming out but also by their contribution to and the running of the raffle.   It kept us all drinking beer for much longer.  A very grateful thanks to Ross and Neil.   Keith, Phil, Mike Dunn, Philippe and Peter S.  were also contributors.

Closest to the pins winners each got 12 bottles of Moosehead beer which were donated by Phil.   The beer is Canadian!  You can read about it here.

Judy (#3 and #16), Leo (#7), Mike Devine (#16).

The winner of the Canada Cup was Judy with 36 points.  She won a bottle of Canadian Club Whiskey that was imported all the way from Cana – bodia.

Honorable mentions (who all got prizes) :  Bruce G (35), Steve McG (34), Ross (33), Rob B (33) .

We hope to see you all again next year for the 11th Annual Canada Cup where old friends and new will get together to PLAY GOLF AND HAVE FUN.

— Leo, Will and Bruce K


As usual Sven came out and took numerous photos which are on this blog.  Thanks Sven for the photos.