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Last week I wrote about what I thought of the BIRDIE handicap system which you can find here.  These handicaps I now refer to as BS-hcps.   They like to claim they have over 2000 subscribers.  A quick estimate is that over 50% don’t have 20 scores in the system.  Many don’t even have 5.   You can’t delete your name so there is no way of knowing how many abandoned the system and how many are really using it.

So repeating myself somewhat about what’s wrong.

  1.  Nowhere on the BIRDIE website do you get course ratings.  I have no idea where they got the ratings for Happy City and Waterford or whether they are anywhere near correct.   I know that the ratings they use for Santiburi are certainly incorrect.  Also, I can’t see YOUR Santiburi blue tee handicap which would be OK if I knew the their ratings but I don’t.   Therefore we all must accept what each other claims on game day.    Only the courses listed here have ratings.   The ratings for Santiburi on the TGA website are exactly the same as the Santiburi website and are the ratings I have been using for many years.
  2.   You can only make corrections if you catch your mistake quickly.   I didn’t check my scores until after I entered all of them — too late to correct.
  3.   I know from experience you can never get all members to comply with the rules and do it correctly.

Last Monday there were 9 participants.   Six used BS-hcps, I used the handicap posted on this blog and the 2 Australian visitors used their Australian handicaps which they update themselves.  Four out of the 6 that used BS-hcps played with handicaps that were one stroke above what is listed on this blog.  The 5 of us that didn’t play with BS-hcps were at a disadvantage.

The Administrators have decided that trivial irregularities shouldn’t be condemned so I think it is only fair that I play with a BS-hcp as well.   Yep, I have given in.   I now have an up-to-date BS-hcp.  I can now play with a 23 handicap from the blue tees at Santiburi instead of my correct handicap of 21.   Thanks Administrators!   It makes me feel like a cheat but what the heck.  You already said you think I use despicable, unethical, coercive tactics and have a stunning disregard for ethics.   Why shouldn’t I act as you perceive me?   I might find you are right and it is more FUN and FRIENDLY this way.   It certainly will be more FUN the next time I par the 2nd hole.

The Administrators tell you that the transition is going well so to confirm it for them I have done a peer review.  Obviously I have no way of checking scores from non-SMAF events.


April 9th:  recorded 92 – score was 90  /  Apr 5th recorded 2 scores (97) wrong and (91) correct


No BS-hcp

Bruce G:

I question the accuracy of the May 14th score.  That said, it could be right and it is about to fall out of the last 20.


No BS-hcp


Feb 17th white tee – not blue,  Feb 10th after being informed of the error entered the correct score – couldn’t delete the wrong score.


June 16th wrong score 95 not 96.   May 17th 95 not 94.  May 14th most likely an incorrect score,  May 12th 95 not 94.    One score not recorded at all.

5 Points:

All 12 adjustments are bogus.   You can’t make ESC adjustments to stableford scores.


June 25th – Happy City white not Santiburi blue, June 14th– white not blue, May 17th 99 not 98, May 14th 93 not 89.


No BS-hcp


Uses TGA – he has recorded all rounds he played with the group correctly.   TGA does the calculations correctly.  His handicap is correct.

Peter R:

No BS-hcp


Missed 2 scores and Feb 12th wrong score 115 not 109

July 27th I don’t think it was from the gold tee but it wouldn’t matter if his 2 missing scores were input.


Missing 1 score


Missing 1 score

John Park:

He has 2 BS-hcp accounts — June 30th 89 not 88, 8 missing scores (4 of which are on his 2nd account)

Bruce K:

Missing 2 scores from September 2017 which would get him over the 20 scores.

(For those members interested in the correct handicaps they will be published shortly after the July 9th round is played.)


3 thoughts on “BS-hcps / Peer Review

  1. HI Leo

    Still in America for a few more months.

    Wondering, what got the committee to want to move to BS handicaps in the first place. What we had was working well.




  2. Darryl,
    Their answer to that is “We can’t tell you that”.

    I agree, it was working well. There is not a “committee”. There is supposed to be a ABAGM where all are welcome to discuss any issues and then the commissioner “Graham” is supposed to make a decision. Instead Graham and 5Points decided that “we do the work, we make the rules”. So guess what members, you no longer have any say in anything.


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