Farewell to SMAF

My membership expires today so yesterday was my last day with SMAF.   For the past few months I have found them not to be “fun and friendly” as their blog claims.   There were 2 major incidents this year.   The first one was the “Anchor Dropping”.   Most members were unaware that anchor dropping is a violation of the rules as set out by the USGA handicapping manual.   On a one time basis this is not a real concern.   However, if allowed to continue then the dropper’s handicap lose its integrity.   I brought it up and in their ignorance the members shouted me down.  There was never an apology or an admission of wrongdoing by the Administrators.    It was a very simple matter that good leadership would have handled with one short statement.  “The guilty party as well as many members were unaware that anchor dropping is a form of handicap manipulation.   As such, all members are advised that anchor dropping is unacceptable.   We wish to thank the member who brought this to our attention.”

The second incident was over the Birdie handicap system.   The members were told that they had to switch without the system being checked out first.   Birdie was phased in and it was noticed that the handicaps weren’t the same as what was being produced by the Fairness Specialist.  As it turns out there were errors by the Fairness Specialist as well as incorrect calculations by Birdie.  It would be at this point there should have been a discussion of how to proceed to get it right.  I did the work to get the handicaps correct – they weren’t accepted by the Administrators.   They never said why.

At no time did I make this personal.   For me in both cases it was strictly about the handicaps and getting them right.   My only concern was the integrity of the group.   I tried to resolve this quietly with the Administrators.  They chose to go public with this and they defended it with a character assassination of me.  The members have had no choice but to accept Birdie because they are at a disadvantage if they don’t.

The Administrators have chosen to make this personal and I have been treated with considerable disrespect.

To those members that were always friendly, respectful and supportive of me I wish them the best and hope to have the opportunity to play golf with them some time in the future.

During the next few days there will be several posts which show the true character of the Administrators.   Unlike the “new” blog where comments are not allowed if they conflict with their views this blog will allow all comments as long as there isn’t any foul language.   Anyone wishing to make a posting on this blog can send me an email and I will post it unedited whether I agree with your views or not.   Feel free to email the link to this blog to others in Chiang Rai that may be interested.   As well, click on the “Follow” button to get all the new blog posts as they are published.  (You can unfollow at any time.)