My Last Round with SMAF

I was in a really good mood and looking forward to my final round with SMAF on Saturday.  That all ended quickly when 5Points came up and told me in a most accusatory way that I hadn’t put in my most recent scores.   Very true, I hadn’t.   I explained that according to the USGA handicap manual handicaps are to be updated not more than twice a month and I would be doing the update on the 15th.  In fact, Graham had posted the rules regarding frequency of updates on this blog on March 6th.  5Points informed me that they were changing the rules and I agreed that once the rules were officially changed I would abide by them.  I got to thinking.   Numerous times I have reported that some scores of others weren’t submitted, some scores were wrong, and the handicap calculations weren’t being done correctly but 5Points didn’t seem to care.   5Points instructs members to get their last 20 scores from Graham to set up their Birdie handicaps.   I have previously shown that the scores that Graham sends are not accurate while I do follow the rules and do it accurately.   Why doesn’t 5Points instruct the members to get their last 20 scores from me?  5Points who thinks he is another Albert Einstein has discovered that handicaps have a signal to noise ratio which means it is OK to be wrong by one or two strokes.   He is prepared to accept total crap from the other members but he makes a point of mentioning my latest score has not been submitted.  Why was he concerned with my handicap?  Was the signal to noise ratio setting off an alarm?

Graham arrived about 5 minutes later and he too, said the exact same thing making it sound like I had done something wrong.   Once again I explained the rules to him and informed him of when I would be updating my scores.   He walked away and mumbled “Fuck off”.   To make matters worse, Graham and I were drawn together for the first group.   Unfortunately Merv had to play with 2 golfers that weren’t talking to each other but he did have a good round and made the best of the situation.   Not for the first time, Graham walked off the 18th green without shaking my hand.

The 3 of us got around in just over 3 hours and we had to wait about 40 minutes for the next group to finish.   By then I had finished my lunch.   I had had enough of Graham’s rudeness, made arrangements for someone to look after my skins money and left.

On the last handicap list that Graham published (June 29) my name was left off the members list.   I was still a member!  It was personal and highly disrespectful.    I am on the current list but I am neither a member (correct) nor a friend (as insulting as that is – correct).   I am in a category of my own.   Now that I am not a member they have my permission to remove my name.

Why the rudeness?  I had always backed Graham 100% with the handicaps even though I suspected they weren’t 100% correct.  He was doing his best so why make an issue of this?  This only became an issue when they decided on the transition to Birdie without discussing it with the members first and not giving a good reason why.    I offered to help them quietly go back to the way it was when there were no problems.  They chose to continue transitioning to Birdie which exposed the fact that Graham was incapable of accurately inputting up to 12 scores into a computer 3 times a week. (A one minute job.)  If Graham is embarrassed by this, it was their choice.

The goal of the group is to HAVE FUN.   I showed up to play my last round of SMAF golf to HAVE FUN.   Those who are running the show did their best to see that I didn’t.


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  1. Exactly the same as me,only one of sixteen scores of mine were recorded( my best) and my handicap was never changed.Why,maybe because i gave my opinion when the handicapper changed,i wasnt wrong either.

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