Code of Conduct

The Mode of Play/Code of Conduct can be found on both this blog as well as the “new” blog.   Over 3 years ago I researched other farang golf groups and I picked out the best of what they had.   It was intended to be very simple and not wanting to make the same mistakes as our previous group not dictatorial.   We all had the right to discuss issues of the day.   After all was discussed the Commissioner was to make the final decision on what was best for future of the group.   The decisions were to be made based on right and wrong as opposed to who had the most friends and whom they wished to screw over.  In short it was about RESPECT.    Respect each other and respect the rules.  This worked very well for 3 years.

  • Last year a member flat-out refused to play with another member (me) and didn’t really tell the other members why.   The Commissioner (Graham) correctly informed the member that he had to go in the draw for playing partners or he couldn’t play with the group.   Sometime after that 5Points told the member he could come back to the group and that he would rig the draw so the member didn’t have to play with me.   5Points didn’t get the Commissioner’s permission to extend such an invitation and he certainly didn’t discuss it with the group.   I was forced to deal with disrespect from this member each and every time he showed up.   I complained numerous times to 5Points and finally he said he didn’t want to hear about it anymore.   It was OK with him that I was treated with disrespect.
  • The Anchor Dropping Incident. I was not allowed to present the rules infraction at the table in a polite and respectful discussion.
  • When 5Points set up the new blog he copied the Mode of Play/Code of Conduct from this blog. He left out the following – “Outright cheating is defined as knowingly breaking the rules with the intention of getting an unfair gain.  Outright cheaters will be told not to compete with us again.”  Why was this removed?   To my knowledge there was no discussion on this.   Why wouldn’t you want to discourage cheating?
  • The Transition to Birdie – At no time was there a meeting or discussion with the members on this. They did this at a time when the fewest number or members were in town.

With regard to the Transition to Birdie I asked why there was no meeting as the Code of Conduct required.   I was told “Don’t talk to us about the Code of Conduct.”  If they are going to ignore it then why have it on their blog.   The answer “It is there just as a guideline.”   A couple days later 5Points informed me that “we do the work, we make the rules.”  In other words they are above the rules and no longer need to respect the wishes of the other members.   However, we have to respect their decisions because they do the work and apparently they know what is best for all.

I should also point out that this blog is a violation of the Code of Conduct.  However, it became impossible to have any discussions with them so it left me little choice.   Ask why?   The answer is “because we said so.”

Recently I was asked if there was a chance things would get back to the way it was when it all went smoothly.    If you ask the Administrators they will tell you it will now that I am gone.   I am the troublemaker, I create the problems.  They have missed the point completely.  I created the problems because they failed to respect the members, respect the rules, respect the handicaps and above all respect the integrity of the group.   They have failed to realise that the community is becoming aware that SMAF competitions are not fair.  Not fair is not fun.

SMAF started out 3.5 years ago with just 8 members.  A couple of days ago there were 17, now 16.  As memberships come up for renewal members will have to decide if putting out 110,000 baht and committing for another 2 years is worth it.  Will they want to continue to deal with the excessive course maintenance, bogus handicaps, and the 5Points dictatorship?   Only time will tell.