Fake News

Some people see things as glass half empty, some see it as glass half full.   In SMAF world it is more like bucket overflowing.   All reports are the same “A beautiful day with the course in great condition.”   The Dictator controls the press – the truth is often left out or grossly exaggerated.    Here are just a few examples.

Aug 4th + June 14th + March 19th

“In our experience, skins is genuinely random, and it gives as often as it takes.”

“Some have claimed that the Skins format favors the high handicappers.  We have found over much time that this supposition just doesn’t hold true — it tends to be somewhat random. “

Absolutely not true!   This lie is pulled out in an attempt to make any visitors not feel ripped off.   Explain how it is that 5Points has won just 2 closest to the pins in his last 25 rounds.   That’s 2 wins in 100 attempts!   You can believe it is random and that he is incredibly unlucky not to win his fair share OR you can believe he is an incredibly poor golfer that can’t hit the ball straight and it isn’t random at all.  Compare that to Bruce who has won 7 of his last 20 par 3’s (5 rounds).

Aug 2nd  “The course is in pretty darn good shape considering the amount of maintenance that has been accomplished over the past few months.  Only the back nine fairways are still a bit soft, and a few green surrounds, although those are nearly all healed.”  My playing partner and I were joking all around the course as to how bad it was in places.   We had many instances where we were on the fairway but there was more sand under the ball than grass.  We must have had really bad luck to land on fairways that weren’t in “pretty darn good condition”.

July 23rd  “The course is in good condition apart from the maintenance, which is a never-ending factor this time of year.  Many of the sand bunkers were significantly eroded due to Saturday rains, and had apparently been too water-logged to repair until today.  However, play was not significantly affected.”   The course is not in good condition if there is never ending maintenance and eroded bunkers.   Those in our foursome had to move the ball every time we were in the bunkers due to erosion, standing water or hard mud.  We couldn’t believe that the organizer of the day hadn’t declared the bunkers as GUR after he had played his warm-up 9 holes.  Is needing to move your ball when it is in a bunker considered “not significantly affected”?

The blog was started to keep the out of town members and regular visitors informed in an unbiased way.  If anyone searched for golf in Chiang Rai they would find the blog and perhaps be interested in playing with a group that used to say “All are always Welcome”.  No one has ever been allowed to post any critical comments on the Dictator’s blog.  If you don’t agree with him he isn’t interested.   Any conversations that regard the entire group aren’t mentioned on the blog if it doesn’t suit his agenda.  Objections to handicaps — never mentioned.   Two founding members get into an argument over rules and one walks out — never mentioned.   Canada Cup — never mentioned.

Great company, great course condition, good friends, fair competitions — all puffery.  All members know it is exaggerated and most visitors learn it very quickly as well.   The reports are of little interest other than to those that are curious who recently won.

Who goes out to a golf course without the intention of HAVING FUN?  Why do they need to keep repeating it?  (Just maybe because it isn’t always FUN?).

Where is the Aug 16th report regarding SMAF visiting Happy City?  Let me take a guess.   I estimate that 5Points had about 20 Stableford points and he had to play with someone who is even more condescending than himself.   The course was playing extremely difficult from the blue tees and the greens are not near as smooth as they were a month ago.   He prefers to walk and had to take a cart.   Not good company + not good course condition + very poor score + compulsory cart = no report.   Don’t the other members deserve to know how the change of venue went?  I will say that no report is better than reading a puff piece on how great it was.

As I said at the start — the bucket is overflowing (and it isn’t with water).

(Stay tuned — I will have much more to say over the next few days.)


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  1. Please take me (Scott Bieber) off your list for emails and remove me from this blog. I don’t need to hear this shit! I’m just here to play a friendly game of golf. This happens every year and I’m tired of it.


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