“He (Leo) has demonstrated a stunning disregard for ethics and a persistent inability to put aside personal animosities for the good of the group.”  (June 19)

“The Chiang Rai Canadians are once again presenting the Canada Cup Tournament.  This is the 10th annual tournament with the goal of the day to bring our old friends and new together for a fun day of golf.  Happy City Golf Course, Saturday, June 30, 2018”  (email sent to absolutely everyone in the Chiang Rai golf community — June 12th)

5Points sent me a 2 word SMS regarding that announcement — “Happy City!!??”

A couple days later I explained to 5Points that most of the participants are not Santiburi Members and it will cost them 300 THB less to play at Happy City (900 THB less if they require carts).  In addition Will and I had just played Happy City and found that it was in far better condition.   The decision to play at Happy City was a “no-brainer”.   5Points accepted my explanation.  On June 17th he emailed that he would play with anyone (“that preferably isn’t a great douchebag”) and the next time he saw me he gave me 1000 THB for the prize pool.

The night before the tournament I got a call from Will informing me that 5Points had withdrawn which forced me to re-shuffle the groupings.   5Points didn’t even have the courtesy to notify me.  Had he notified me I would have informed him that not a single douchebag was playing.

The day of the Canada Cup from the June 30th – SMAF Blog  : “The course maintenance goes on progressively, with cored, scarified, and/or sanded fairways, tee boxes, and greens, and total replacement of some green surrounds….. We had eight participants today, all members…………It was truly a fun day playing golf in great weather with fun competitors who were there to PLAY GOLF AND HAVE FUN! “

Eight members chose to play at Santiburi which was in far from perfect conditions rather than play with “old friends and new” at Happy City.   What does it say about the 8 members that decided that they couldn’t PLAY GOLF AND HAVE FUN with the same great weather and exactly the same playing partners on a course that was in excellent condition with 23 others (including 4 SMAF members — Steve, BruceG, BruceK and myself)?  It looks to me that they thought that some of the 23 golfers weren’t fun competitors.  Maybe they just don’t like Happy City?   No, they played there this week.   They chose to snub their old friends and they certainly didn’t make any new friends.  

This past 6 months there was a Santiburi member that deliberately worsened his score to save himself 100 baht.   He mistakenly thought it was within the rules and was shown it is illegal.  You have a SMAF administrator that couldn’t handle the burden of the one minute job of putting scores into a computer and didn’t ask for help.  He tried to cover up his mistakes.   You also have the SMAF leader that tries to baffle you with BS by telling you that handicaps are OK to be out by 2 strokes, that skins are random and that there is nothing wrong with dropping anchor.  He publishes a private email and then posts that I have a stunning disregard for ethics.  Not one of them can admit they made a mistake and they certainly won’t apologise.  They boycott the competition.  I would like to ask at this point who has a “persistent inability to put aside personal animosities for the good for the group”?  It certainly isn’t me — Everyone was invited and all those that came to play were welcomed.

Unlike the SMAF Administrators, Chiang Rai Golfers showed their class at the Canada Cup — they participated, they donated generously and they assisted when needed.   A few of the visitors are considering spending a lot more time in Chiang Rai which would make them potential Santiburi members.   Unfortunately for SMAF, it didn’t take the visitors long to work out who really wants to play golf and have fun and who are the great douchebags.


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