An Abundance of Fun

Before heading out to Waterford I took the time to read thefake newsfrom SMAF.  I found yesterday’s SMAF posting to be particularly amusing.  Three members (out of 16)  showed up to play golf in the rain.   Due to the wetness one left after 9 holes.

The report says :It is rare to get rained out and we did not, technically, get rained out today.  However, it was pretty darn wet out there.  Golf was played, however, and fun was had in abundance!”  My first thought after reading that was that “technically” they did not get rained out.   Two members decided to continue in the rain so they weren’t rained out?   That’s right up there with “technically” the signal to noise ratio allows for incorrect handicaps.  5Points scored a “measly” 24 points.   Does anyone believe that he played in the rain, scored 24 points and he had fun in abundance?

Much to my surprise I saw 5Points in the car park at Waterford.   I asked him if he was there to have an abundance of fun if it rains.   He smiled.

There were 5 of us playing together and 5Points was having a horrible day.  After 9 holes he managed a whopping sum of 7 points.   He left his scorecard with one of the players and walked off.   No handshake or goodbye to anyone and he didn’t leave the 100 baht competition fee.  This is someone who twice in the past few months lectured me on golf etiquette when all I did was walk to the next tee before everyone had finished putting out.  Apparently etiquette doesn’t apply to him when he is having a bad day.   

Many times he wrote on the SMAF blog that they go out to PLAY GOLF AND HAVE FUN.   We were all having an abundance of fun, why wasn’t he?    Perhaps because it wasn’t raining,  perhaps he saw what he calls a douchebag  or perhaps he doesn’t have fun unless he is the Dictator in control.   For whatever reason he once again showed lack of respect for his playing partners.

On a positive note, I started playing better after he left because the pace of play was much quicker.   He is slow to begin with and waiting for him to take 62 shots made it painstakingly slow. 

Can anyone tell me why a golfer that can’t hit a ball straight needs a rangefinder?  If you can’t hit the target why do you need to know how far away it is?


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