Announcement / Peer Review — Sept 17, 2018

From the start I had 4 objections to Birdie handicaps.

  1. The Santiburi course ratings were incorrect.
  2. There is no way you can get 16 members to record their scores accurately and in a timely manner.   In addition, corrections can’t be made after a short period of time.
  3. Happy City and Waterford course ratings have been manufactured out of thin air by Birdie.   There is absolutely no way of knowing if they are even close to correct.
  4. To be peer reviewable you need all scores published on the blog.   Therefore only scores from SMAF competitions should be recorded.

Now the good news.   It appears that a while back (exact date unknown) Birdie corrected the Santiburi course ratings.   Therefore all scores entered since that unknown date are correct in the handicap calculation.

After looking at all the mistakes as well as laxness in what is acceptable and what isn’t I decided to enter everyone’s scores in Birdie as I see it should be done.  For those that want it done properly it is there for you to use and you don’t have to do anything further.   Peer reviews like the one below will no longer be necessary.   Anyone can now see the difference between what is correct and the rubbish members have entered.   For those that prefer inputting rubbish they can continue to do so as long as the other members are OK with it.

To see what has been entered at this point you can log into Birdie, click on Golfers and search SMAF as the name.  Please note that to get the correct blue tee handicap you need to multiply the index by 1.08 .   I will be simplifying this in the near future after I get all member’s scores input.

Peer Review

Waterford, Happy City and non-SMAF scores are not verifiable — They certainly may be correct.   I have made note of everything that would cause the member’s Birdie handicaps to differ from mine.


Missing score Aug 9th.  He has only played with SMAF for 4 of his last 20 rounds.   Hence the huge discrepancy in his handicap between his last 20 rounds played with SMAF and his last 20 recorded on Birdie.


No BS-hcp

Bruce G:

Aug 11 (recorded 79 – blog says 80.  Aug 12 – non SMAF event, Aug 14 + 16 not Santiburi, missing Aug 23rd score, Sept 15th – front 9 twice.


No BS-hcp


Feb 17th white tee – not blue,  Feb 10th after being informed of the error entered the correct score – couldn’t delete the wrong score.


Missing Sept 6th (113), Aug 25th recorded 94 not 93, Aug 16 not Santiburi, Aug 12th non-SMAF, Aug 6th recorded 103 not 100, Aug 4th recorded 104 not 106,   July 28th recorded 93 not 95, July 23rd recorded 97 not 96,

5 Points:

Sept 15th played front nine twice, Sept 1st recorded 111 not 112, Aug 29th non SMAF, Aug 25th adjusted a 107 to 105, Aug 16th Happy city, Aug 12th non SMAF,


Missing June 23rd (109)


Uses TGA not Birdie – Aug 27th recorded 84 not 83, Aug 26th Waterford, Aug 11th recorded 92 not 91, also includes several non-SMAF rounds.

Peter R:

Aug 30th recorded 85 not 86, Aug 27th recorded twice, Aug 25th missing (95), missing March 10th (86), Feb 12th 90 not 81.


Missing Aug 11th (111), Missing Aug 6th (108), Missing Mar 10th (109w),


Missing scores – Jan 18th,  has a couple non-SMAF scores


Missing scores – Jan 18th, has a couple non-SMAF scores

John Park:

Missing Sept 10 (89), Sept 6th recorded 86 not 88, Aug 27th recorded 85 not 84, Aug 20th recorded two scores 81 & 82 correct score 80,  Aug 11th missing score 86, June 30th recorded 88 not 89, missing score June 16th (83), missing score June 11th (78), missing scores June 9th (84), missing score June 7th(80), a few non-SMAF scores


Missing scores Sept 13th (106), Aug 27th (112), Aug 18th (108), July 30th (110), July 12th (103), July 9th (107), May 17th (112), May 14th (104), May 12th (104)

Bruce K:

Missing 2 scores from September 2017 which would get him over the 20 scores.