The Handicap Saga Continues

On May 24th SMAF announced the following.  “For years, we have been handling our handicapping “in-house”.  While it has worked, after a fashion, our current system is less than satisfactory for a number of reasons.  First, our scores and handicaps are not available for peer review. Second, it is a burden for the person designated as the Fairness Specialist to gather scores, calculate handicaps, and disseminate the handicaps to SMAF participants.  Most importantly, there are readily available alternatives that make our current system pale in comparison.  One online handicap provider in particular, Birdie is very easy to use, is in use by many other golf associations in Thailand,….”

In the beginning my biggest objection to Birdie was that their calculation was different to the “in-house” calculation.   They corrected their mistake and now both calculations are identical.  Recently I announced that I had entered the scores from the SMAF blog into Birdie to get everyone’s handicaps.   The 2 reasons listed in the announcement have been satisfied.   That is, the scores and handicaps are available for peer review and I don’t find it a burden to take 5 minutes to enter the scores 3 times a week.   Members now have a choice of  1) maintaining their own handicaps 2) going to this blog and looking it up or 3) going to Birdie and looking it up.   What can be simpler than that?   What could possibly be wrong with that?

This past week I was locked out of 4 of the handicaps.   It appears that 4 members objected to me maintaining the group’s handicaps in a fair and impartial way.   I was advised by Birdie that if I were to continue to maintain these handicaps I would have to use completely fake names on the Birdie entries.   That has now been done and all the handicaps are once again up to date.   At no time did anyone from SMAF advise me of there being a problem with my work.   Why wouldn’t you want the scores entered correctly?  Why wouldn’t you want to give the members the choice of having me do it or doing it themselves?   Why would you get Birdie involved before even discussing it with me?   Are you really that thoughtless to involve them in a petty dispute?   Are you capable of coming up with any answers?

All scores are entered in less than 24 hours of them going on the SMAF blog.   You can see yours or anyone else’s handicaps by clicking on the “Current Handicap” tab at the top of this blog.   Scores can be found by clicking on the names.  If you have a problem with your fake name on Birdie I would be happy to change it to anything you prefer.

The handicaps I provide are completely safe from any manipulation.  This ensures all members of a fair result.   For some reason there are members that have a problem with that and they can’t even tell me why.



2 thoughts on “The Handicap Saga Continues

  1. I sent a comment about who gave u permission to use my name setting up fake account that was not published now u are saying no one objected
    I did you wanker
    Publish this


  2. Comments on the Fake News blog go into what is called “moderation” where the blog master (5Points) has to Ok the comment before it is posted. All comments sent to this blog have always been published immediately after the person clicks “Post comment”.

    I don’t know where you posted your comment but it wasn’t on this blog and I certainly haven’t deleted your comment.

    Perhaps you would like to amend your accusation.

    If you prefer that I keep your handicap under the name of Layla aka Bozo I don’t have a problem with that. Do you?


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