Fake Survey

Recently the Santiburi Members Fake News blog had a survey requesting the members give their input on the “Lift, Clean and Place” rule that has been in place for about 10 years.  Although I wasn’t present I have reason to believe that one member that has questioned this rule for a long time decided to bring it up again.  In order to show this member that he is in the minority 5Points included a survey in the day’s blog report.   Three non-members gave opinions that are welcome but as non-members their opinion (like mine) doesn’t count.   Only two members of 16 members cared enough to respond – Egbert gave a short, intelligent response.   Graham who as Commissioner has the final say on the matter gave his ruling which was keep the rule as it is but exceptions are allowed under unusual circumstances.

There was no survey or discussion to remove “cheaters will be banned” from the Code of Conduct.

There was no survey or discussion to consider the Code of Conduct as just a guideline.

There was no survey or discussion to change the handicap system from one that was effective and fair to a system where handicaps are now a joke.

Why the survey?  Someone dared to question 5Points’ decision and 5Points needed to put the matter to rest.   So it was a phone call to Graham (there is always a phone call to Graham on any issue) and Graham agreed with 5Points (he always does).  Do you really think that any member would take the time to post on the blog a response that disagreed with 5Points knowing that negative comments are never published?  I found that if you strongly disagree with 5Points he will publish a character assassination of you on the member’s Fake News blog?   I doubt that any member is willing to take the chance of it happening to him.

If you click the “About” button on this blog you will find what was the group’s policy with regard to using the blog for discussions.  The correct way to handle this was to announce the discussion in advance when Graham is available.   At that time a group discussion would take place where the members were all welcome to give their opinion and once that was done Graham would give his decision.

We have to assume that Graham’s comment is the final decision.   5Points didn’t even bother to put in the next day’s post what the final decision was or when it will be made.  He didn’t need to – he had already put the questioning member in his place by using the blog (and Graham) to get his way.   I would bet that they have offended one more member to the point where the member will rarely be seen playing with SMAF in the future.

The stated goal of the group is to “play golf and have fun”.   Previously it has been ruled acceptable to “drop anchor” which really means handicap manipulation.   It has also been stated that accurate handicaps aren’t required.   Those rules don’t matter.  The integrity of the group went out the window a while ago.  The core of the group is now a bunch of high handicappers who just want to have fun so why let any of the rules get in the way?  If a member is going to enjoy his round more by cleaning his ball when it is dirty why not let him?