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For those that don’t read the Fake News Blog 5Points has moved to the USA.   Before leaving he posted his farewell notice and naturally he had to take another shot at my credibility.   You can read it here.   They don’t allow comments on their blog that may disagree with the posting and 5Points never admits he was wrong about anything.   I will have a lot more to say about it in the next couple days.    I did email Bruce suggesting that in the interest of fair play he post the following few paragraphs.   He didn’t post it, nor did he respond to tell me why.    Why is a question SMAF has a problem answering.

Subject:  There is a simple solution, why not use it?

Wasn’t that a lovely self-promoting farewell speech from 5Points.    5Points is good, good, good and the “former member” is bad, bad, bad.   5Points, isn’t it a contradiction to claim you stopped reading my posts long ago and then criticise the content of my last 2 postings?

So let me try to be as constructive as possible.

First the criticism:   Previously SMAF had a handicap system that accurately recorded the scores.   All scores were posted on the blog and could be checked by any member at any time.  There were never any handicap disputes.  Now anything goes.  Members can enter anything they want and in most cases there is no way of checking its accuracy.

The solution:   There is always a person who at the end of the day collects the scores and determines the winner.   Birdie has the capacity for a “Group Administrator” to enter all of your scores at the end of the day.  For a group of 10 people it would take him not more than 5 minutes to do so.   The Birdie system then sends out an email advising the member that his score has been posted.  At this point the member has the ability to question the accuracy and request a correction if necessary.

I was previously entering all your scores until I was forced to stop.  I have always maintained that there is no reason why the members can’t have correct handicaps. I have always said that if someone else was willing to do it properly I wouldn’t have a problem with it and would assist if requested.

I have previously stated that all SMAF scores should be posted and only SMAF scores should be included in the handicap calculation.   Scores from improperly rated courses or scores from non-SMAF events can’t be easily verified and should be excluded.   That said, if a member were inclined to maintain his own handicap apart from the official SMAF handicap that isn’t a problem either.   In fact, it would make an interesting conversation at a later date if the 2 handicaps varied significantly.

I know of 10 “Friends” that won’t be playing with SMAF in the next low season because the group’s handicaps are dubious.   I am guilty of ranting continuously about the fact that no one can tell me why the group changed the handicap process.  Why allow anyone to put in wrong scores or omit scores when it doesn’t have to be that way?   Who in their right mind would think that inputting incorrect information would result in a correct answer? 

The solution is simple and easy.  My understanding is the switch to Birdie was made to give your handicaps more credibility.   If you use it correctly then you have accomplished your goal.

For me this issue has never been personal.  I ask why do it wrong and 5Points has twice answered by trying to discredit me.  It is unfortunate that the members have got stuck in this pissing match but you have to decide.   What is more important?   The group’s integrity or 5Points’ ego?


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