0Points — A Specialist In Failure

On June 19th,  5Points wrote “we are resolved that Leo will never be allowed to occupy any leadership position in SMAF ever again.  He has demonstrated a stunning disregard for ethics and a persistent inability to put aside personal animosities for the good of the group — two qualities that are essential for leadership. ”

I knew I was leaving the group at the beginning of August and never for one moment suggested that I wanted to occupy any leadership position.   Today I think it is only fair to examine the 5Points leadership technique.

Jan 2018 — Graham had told a member that if he wished to play he would have to take part in the draw for playing partners.  5Points overruled Graham and informed the member that he would not need to go in the draw.   5Points failed to get Graham’s approval and he failed to discuss this issue with the group.   This was a violation of the Code of Conduct and the member was not required to show due respect to ALL the members.  This was the beginning of disharmony in the group.

March 2018 — The Anchor Dropping.   5Points failed to mention the incident in the daily report including the fact that a member had left the group.  5Points failed to check to see if anchor dropping was against any rules.  5Points commented “the person who dropped anchor was well within his rights to do so.  Not a winning strategy long term.”  After finding out that it was clearly against the rules 5Points failed to report it on the blog, failed to advise the members that anchor dropping is unacceptable and certainly failed to mention that he had made a mistake or apologize.   In doing so, he lost control of this blog instructing me to do whatever I wanted with it.   He failed to realize that he had opened up an alternate version to his Fake News reporting.   He wrote “5Points and Graham consider Leo’s plan to use this SMAF blog (and the voice of Santiburi Members and Friends) to broadcast publicly his personal opinions to be grossly inappropriate.”  5Points failed to observe his own advice as he twice used the new blog to broadcast publicly his personal opinions.

May 24th, 2018 — BIRDIE — 5Points failed to discuss the change to Birdie with the members as required by the Code of Conduct.  He claimed “we do the work, we make the rules.”  That is another way of saying we are above the rules because we can change the rules to suit us at any time.  The members were coerced into accepting Birdie because that was the only handicap that SMAF would be using.   He failed to realize that all members would not be able to accurately maintain their handicaps and he failed to notice (or care) that at that time Birdie wasn’t even doing the calculations correctly.  When asked why switch to Birdie at that time and not wait until all the members are in town he failed to answer the question.

June 2018 — He published a private email that was sent to him but failed to ask for permission to do so.  Rather than admit that the Birdie experiment was not producing correct handicaps he failed to realize how stupid his “signal to noise” excuse sounded.  He failed to understand that the purpose of handicaps is to make all competitions fair.  Instead he chose to try and discredit the one who actually discovered all the errors.

July 2018 — 5Points and 6 other SMAF members boycotted the Canada Cup tournament.  It was insulting not just to the organizers but to the participants as well when he wrote that SMAF would rather play golf and have fun somewhere else.    He insinuated that those that played in the Canada Cup didn’t have fun.   He failed to realize that Chiang Rai Golfers supported the competition and encouraged many participants to join them thus taking away several SMAF Friends for good.

Aug 2018 — 5Points failed to accept that after I had done extensive research into skins that it is an unfair competition.   Skins also encourages handicap manipulation.   SMAF continues to play skins most of the time.

Sept 2018 — 5Points failed to complete the round at Waterford.  He failed to shake any of his playing partner’s hands and he failed to pay his competition fee.

What possible positive does 5Point’s farewell post do for the group?   He writes it in a place where all comments unfavourable to him are not published.  The coward takes a shot and runs away.  The farewell post is exactly what he said about me “a stunning disregard for ethics and a persistent inability to put aside personal animosities for the good of the group.”

All in all I would say that 5Points is a specialist in failure.

He can not admit he did something wrong.   Have you every tried to point out a flaw in his golf swing or his chipping stroke?   Most of us learn from our mistakes — 5Points doesn’t want to know about his so he just keeps making the same mistakes over and over.  He claims he doesn’t read my blog.  I suspect he does occasionally but then again he is the type that doesn’t want to be told he did something wrong.   Ignorance is bliss.

He’s too big a coward to accept email from me.  He fears I might be criticizing him.  If I were to email him in attempt to end all this.   Here is what I get.

atl4****61.registeredsite.com rejected your message to the following email addresses:   **** ***** (******29@********.***)
Your message couldn’t be delivered because the recipient’s email server (outside Office 365) suspected that your message was spam. 

Years ago I noticed that when someone under the age of 60 retires their golf game improves significantly.   I stated shortly after meeting 5Points that I wouldn’t be surprised if his handicap comes down over the next year.  His handicap when he joined us was 28.   His handicap 3.5 years later is 30.   I was the one that recommended that he take over as the Organizer of the Day when the previous one had to leave.   I have no problem saying “I was wrong, I made a mistake”.   His leadership skills suck as bad as his golf game.

I was the one that gave him the name 5Points after he got 5 Stableford points twice in about a month.   Other than the fact that he is excellent at writing self-promoting fake news or doing a hatchet job on his enemies there is nothing at all positive to say about him.   He uses his charm and his ability to baffle you with BS to get you to do what he wants.  From this point forward I will be referring to him as “No Points”  (0Points).

(I will have more to say on his farewell address tomorrow if I have time.)