Perception — Part One

The one thing about 0Points is that when he writes something he makes it sound true even when he has no facts to back it up.   It’s all about perception.  If you baffle someone with enough BS to make it sound true then it must be true.

His repeated attacks on our group can only be characterized as shameful, especially the recent post in the immediate aftermath of Graham’s passing that masqueraded as remembrance but only served as an opportunity to once again attack his perceived enemies.”  Tell me 0Points, do you really think I woke up in the morning and thought how can I attack my perceived enemies today?   Oh, I know, I’ll write a remembrance to Graham.   You just won’t accept it was just that … a remembrance to Graham.  I posted a picture of Graham and I having a laugh together.   If there are any immature adults that took offence to me handing Graham a picture of 2 cartoon characters it is no concern of mine.   Explain to me what are “perceived enemies”?   You make a couple of individuals sound a lot worse than they really are.   Can a person that you claim has lost all perspective have perceived enemies?

He is simply a bully like all the bullies from the playgrounds of our youth.”  Once again 0Points makes a statement without backing it with any facts.   Here are some facts:

  • 0Points took part in the verbal gang bang of me on anchor dropping day.
  • 0Points and Graham when asked why it wasn’t necessary to consult with the members before changing to Birdie said “Because we said so”.
  • It was made very clear to me a long time ago that I was not allowed to question 0Points authority.   Any time I tried to resolve anything I was rudely shut down.  Opposing opinions are not allowed on his blog.
  • After I warned 0Points that I was going public with the errors in the handicaps he responded by using the member’s blog to discredit me.   He used words like blackmail, coercion, unethical, despicable.
  • His farewell notice says I am unbalanced, shameful, got an axe to grind, advance a war, and made repeated attacks on the group.

I ask you who do you perceive is the bully?

It is easy to stand on the sidelines and sharpshoot or otherwise criticize the work of others.   It is harder to be constructive and provide feedback that helps improve the group.”  He is correct.  It is easy and he has just done it.  There was nothing constructive in his criticism of me.   Over and over I have explained that skins are not fair and the handicaps aren’t being done correctly.   As he claims to be blissfully ignorant he conveniently never noticed the many times I advised on how easy it is to do correctly.   A week ago I posted “Goodbye 5Points” which gave a simple solution to correcting the handicaps.  At the time I offered to help.  Previously I was maintaining the handicaps until forced to stop.  I have been as constructive as possible.

Everyone should be keeping their own score and the score of at least one other in their group.”   Seriously??? A golf group with members that can’t even accurately record their own scores and do it so badly that they stopped publishing their scores are going to check up on at least one other?  “which is the true essence of peer review” — More words that sound meaningful but after reading them again you think “huh, what?”.

Re-phrasing 0Points signal to noise statement.   We are a group of inconsistent golfers who play well one day and not so well on others.   We are capable of winning any day we play very well.   As such our handicaps don’t need to be accurate — they only need to be what others will perceive is fair.  “We all know what everyone’s handicap is.”   In the next posting I will show how dangerous that can be.   How others perceive the group’s integrity both individually and collectively is far more important than 0Points has imagined.