Perception — Part 2

About a week ago I gave a perfectly good way to handle handicaps.   The handicap secretary collects the scores and inputs them into Birdie for all members.   Only SMAF scores count and all SMAF scores are posted on the blog.   (Basically the way it was done up until a few months ago.)

SMAF prefers to allow all members to enter their own scores.  As I have shown time and time again there were omissions and inaccuracies.  It got so bad that SMAF stopped publishing the scores in order to cover up all the errors.  Does anyone think that a few months from now anyone will believe a statement that the handicaps are all correct now.   If anything when you cover up something you ultimately make it worse.   No one is watching so you are free to enter anything you like.   You may now enter correct or incorrect scores (or omit the ones you don’t like) from unrated local courses, away trips and practice rounds.  0Points is most insistent that this is better yet never provides any evidence as to why.

The other flaw with SMAF is playing numerous bad holes in the skins game is a good strategy.  Skins does not encourage you to shoot the best score possible.

0Points has previously stated “To call someone a “cheater” or a “sandbagger” over one, two or even more handicap strokes, or to condemn a handicap system over such trivial irregularities, is antithetical to our stated purpose as a golf group:  To play golf and have fun.  It gets in the way of us achieving our goals. ”  0Points fails to recognize that one, two or even more handicap strokes makes a difference to the outcome.  It is hardly a trivial irregularity.   The primary purpose of any golf group should be to play fair and have fun.

I am not going to call someone a “cheater” or a “sandbagger” but answer the following questions.  Who has got their name on the most trophies in the past 3 years?  Who has won the most money at skins?   Who defended anchor dropping as acceptable?  Who stopped posting the scores on the blog?  Who’s handicap (May 6th – just before the Birdie announcement) was 5.6 and is now 7.9?  Who participated in 5 November skins games and shot 83 (Nov 29th), 86 (24th), 87 (19th), 82 (17th), 82 (10th) and in the 2 city wide Stableford competitions shot 76 (Nov 22nd) and 78 (15th) playing off a handicap of 7 or 8?

I have absolutely no evidence of any wrongdoing by the member.   That said, under the current system how can you be sure there isn’t any wrongdoing?  It’s all about perception.  0Points, the Specialist in Failure, admits to being “blissfully unaware”. Perhaps “conveniently ignorant” is more accurate as he advises all not to listen to me.  Questions such as the ones above never get asked when you do away with the skins game, publicly post all scores and correctly maintain the handicaps.