Perception #3

0Points has written “We all know what everyone’s handicap is.”  Nobody knows the handicaps better than I.   I can look up any member’s handicap on any given date.  In Part #2 I showed how one member’s handicap had gone from 5.6 to 7.9 over a period of a few months.  It was 6.0 on Nov 3rd the last day SMAF published it’s scores.

I was going to do the same thing with another member.   His last published score was Aug 9th and at that time his handicap was 15.5.  It is currently listed as 17.7.   As this is one of my so-called “perceived enemies” it might be interpreted as a hit piece if I were to say any more.   Trying to be as constructive as possible in today’s post I won’t waste your time and mine going into detailed analysis.

Many in the city are aware of the questionable accuracy of SMAF handicaps.   What do you think the reaction will be if a SMAF member wins this Wednesday’s city wide competition?  Suppose I can show that the person’s handicap has gone up just enough for them to win?  How will the winner be perceived?

Going back to the beginning of all this.   0Points and Graham decided without having an ABAGM to change the handicap system.   We weren’t told exactly why.   My perception is that Graham was in over his head trying to manage the handicaps.   He and 0Points decided changing to Birdie was a good option.  

At the time I said that it was very unlikely that you could get all the members to enter all their scores accurately.   As well a few members might try to game the system as it was being opened up to corruption.   Time and time again I have shown that to be correct.  The official SMAF response has been “Don’t listen to Leo” or it doesn’t matter if the handicaps are out by a stroke or two.

Currently, rather than correcting errors SMAF has decided to hide the results from everyone allowing the corruption to get even worse.

The solution:   Read the Code of Conduct that is published both on the official blog as well as this one.   The Code of Conduct which 0Points has dismissed as guidelines were put there specifically to avoid any controversy and conflicts.   Who is the Commissioner?  Who is the Fairness Specialist (Handicap Secretary) and who is the Organizer of the Day?  When was the last ABAGM?   What was discussed?   Where is the report?

The goal in switching to Birdie was to make your scores more transparent.  SMAF has done the opposite.   I have previously suggested that only your handicap secretary input only SMAF scores into Birdie and post all the results.   This eliminates any corruption.   If that is not acceptable, say why.   If you feel that corrupt handicaps are better, say why.  However in doing so don’t travel to baffle me with BS like signal to noise ratios or saying that I have despicable tactics, a stunning disregard for ethics and have lost all perspective.

Only honestly will repair the damage of SMAF’s credibility within the community.  You will probably find that some honesty for once will probably shut me up for good.

Have an ABAGM, discuss it, and come out with an official statement.   

As always, you can call me if you need any information and assistance.   Also, comments are always welcome and never deleted.