Tony G Tournament — alternate report

Tony Gallagher was a stickler for the rules.  I will forever remember the day he told me that if you don’t play golf by the rules you are not playing golf — it is something else.

Knowing the Tony G Tournament was approaching my 3 previous postings were regarding suspect SMAF handicaps.  Of the 25 participants 8 were SMAF members.  Out of the top 6, 3 were SMAF members.

The winner whose handicap was mentioned in the previous posting played off a handicap of 8.   This is indeed his Birdie handicap for the white tees at Waterford.  Unfortunately he doesn’t recognize that a Birdie handicap and the handicaps that are used by Chiang Rai Golfers are calculated differently and his should to be adjusted when he plays with them especially from the white tees.   His score of 76 is consistent with the other two white tee scores he had playing with them in the past month (76, 78).  His mates congratulated him for his win saying “you deserved it”.   It’s true, he did.  He would have won if he played with a more realistic handicap of 5.

A SMAF member boasted to me that they have successfully stopped me from doing their handicaps.  He was extremely proud of the fact that I lost the battle to get their handicaps done correctly.    SMAF members may perceive that wrong is better than right, the rest of the community knows the truth.   Do they really think I can’t find mistakes even if they don’t post their scores?   I mentioned to the boastful one that he had 42 points last Saturday (he agreed).  I mentioned that he had recorded an 87 as his score (he agreed) .    That would be a handicap of 21 — he corrected me and said his handicap was 20.    Well that would make his score 86, not 87.   He explained that he had adjusted it because he had wiped a hole. WRONG!!!!  He obviously doesn’t know what ESC is and that you don’t adjust scores up.   I asked why he didn’t record his score from last Thursday.   He replied that it wasn’t a good score and he wanted his handicap to go down.    He must have had a lot of bad scores lately– the blog says he played on Nov 10, 13, 19, 22, 26, Dec 6, 10 as well as this tournament.   None of the scores have been recorded.   That also is WRONG!!!!  All scores must be recorded.   If you are embarrassed by your high handicap there is nothing wrong with declaring a lower handicap at the start of the day (unless you are playing a team game).   To be fair, unlike the “serial trophy collector” he didn’t use his Birdie handicap (20) and reduced it to 16 for this competition.   For that I have to give him credit.   He won a prize and he also deserved it.

Keith did a lot of work to make this competition happen.  For those that haven’t organized a local tournament it has been best described as “like herding cats”.  People dropping out at the last minute can really complicate things.  Those that show up late to the first tee or awards presentation just adds to the frustration.  It isn’t fair to the organizer or the other competitors to have to hang around and wait for those that can’t be punctual.

The last person to arrive at the first tee was late.   He was last seen by many of us riding in his cart making a strange noise something like this (link).   Late and making an ass of himself at the same time.   No one was impressed.  I wonder if his caddie had a good day.

To cheer you all up I have a very catchy tune from 1956.  (link)

Everyone I spoke to enjoyed the day.   I hope you give Keith your thanks and encourage him to do it again next year.