Peer Review (Nov 1 – Dec 31, 2018)

Happy New Year.

Notes for the peer review:

  • Due to the fact that SMAF no longer posts their scores it is not possible to determine if the scores were entered accurately.
  • There isn’t a published policy whether scores from non-SMAF events should be included in the handicap calculation.   On the recent road trip one member entered his score, the others didn’t.   For the Tony G competition, some entered their scores, some didn’t.   Three members recorded scores on Dec 26th.   How many actually played on that day isn’t known because it wasn’t important enough to mention on the blog.  For this review I used only the names and dates listed on their blog.

Andrew — didn’t record scores for Nov 10, 13, 19, 26, Dec 6, 10, 22, 24, 31

Brian — didn’t record scores for Nov 13 and Dec 3

Bruce G — didn’t record scores for Nov 13, Dec 15, 22, 24

Bruce K — didn’t play

Darryl — all scores recorded

Egbert — all scores recorded

Jim — didn’t record scores for Dec 15, 17, 20, 31

0Points — all scores recorded

John P — didn’t record scores for Dec 1, 24

Les —  all scores recorded

Marc — didn’t record scores for Nov 19, Dec 20 (but it is possible that he recorded them using the wrong date)

Paul & Young — both didn’t record scores for Dec 3, 8

Peter — didn’t record scores for Nov 5, 29, Dec 1, 29

Steve — didn’t record score for Nov 17

Over the 2 months the  members played a total of 134 rounds of which 32 were not recorded (24%).

On the member’s blog the list of handicaps has not been updated.   There is 1 ghost.   Has anyone’s membership expired?  If so, they shouldn’t be listed as a member.

SMAF appears to have a lot of friends as there are 11 friends listed.   One is Thai with a provisional handicap that hasn’t been seen in months.   One friend suddenly left town owing his landlord a good sum of money — extremely doubtful we will see him again.   Three have confided in me that they have no interest in playing with SMAF again.   SMAF might see two of them 3 times (or less) a year.   One might actually be the member that “joins you infrequently”.   That leaves a total of three that you can really call “Friends” (play 5 rounds or more a year).    Even I have that many friends.