Changes made by SMAF in 2018

Prior to this past year there were few changes.   When someone suggested a change (for the better) it was discussed openly among as many members as possible.   The details of the discussion were put on the blog in an unbiased manner so all would know what is going on.  In 2018, SMAF became a dictatorship under the rule of 0Points with Graham’s assistance.   “We do the work, we make the rules.”  Group discussions became a thing of the past and often the changes were hidden from view.   Here is a list of some of the changes.

January 2018:   Showing due respect to all Santiburi Members present at the golf course was no longer necessary.   Members are now allowed to refuse to play with any other member for any reason no matter how trivial.

March 2018:  “Anchor Dropping” is an acceptable practice.  If you can’t win a hole in the skins game it makes sense to wipe the hole.

The “new” Santiburi Members blog was created giving the dictatorship the right to only accept comments from those that agree with the dictator’s views.   The old blog that they abandoned was given to me to “do whatever I want with it”.

Cheating is no longer condemned.  The following was removed from the About/Code of Conduct — “Outright cheating is defined as knowingly breaking the rules with the intention of getting an unfair gain.  Outright cheaters will be told not to compete with us again.”

June 2018:  BIRDIE handicaps were introduced even though at first BIRDIE wasn’t calculating the handicaps correctly.

The dictatorship chose to use the member’s blog to publicly discredit another member after they were warned that the membership was going to be made aware of the discrepancies in the handicaps.

July 2018:   For the first time ever, SMAF didn’t mention a city wide competition in the coming events.   Seven members even made a point of boycotting the competition.   The dictator had previously written that he preferred not to play with any douchebags.

November 2018:   The member’s blog no longer posts all the scores (or money won/lost) in an effort to prevent peer review.   This opened the door for handicap manipulation to get much worse.   No one knows what the correct handicaps are.

0Points announces that he is resigning as the dictator and on the member’s blog publishes an attack on a former member.

Self promoting 0Points says:  “I think we (he and Graham) leave the group better than it was when we started.”


From Nov 1 – Dec 31 members failed to record 24% of their scores.   A couple of members handicaps are a figment of their imagination.

Rounds played by Santiburi Members and Friends Nov 1 – Dec 31, 2017 :   236

Rounds played by Santiburi Members and Friends Nov 1  – Dec 31, 2018  :  196

The last 2 months show a participation drop of 17%.

Number of non-members that showed up to play during the Santiburi New Year’s Eve promotion :  0   (no interest from the rest of the community)

A year ago insulting another member on the blog was unthinkable.   Road trips were “all are welcome whether members or not”.   All our scores with SMAF were posted on the blog and were included in our handicaps.  We stuck together as a group and supported all local competitions.  Is SMAF in better shape than a year ago?  The comment section is always open — you tell me.