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The following email was sent out a couple of days ago.  Oddly enough it hasn’t been mentioned on their blog.

Subject: 5pts Last Game


All Chiang Rai golfers, next Monday 21st Jan will be 5pts last game with the Santi members group before he returns to America. He is going to live in Florida and has already bought a house there and has sold his house here.

We are hoping that a few more people will turn out for this, we have a tee time 8.40am for 3 groups, there is nothing special planned at this stage but if sufficient numbers respond positively to this email then we may try to do something.  Also if we do get a big response then we may need more tee times.

If you want to come along please let me know by replying to this email.  Or perhaps you could just pop a long at lunchtime to say good bye to 5 pts.

If anyone has any ideas about what to do on Monday 21, then please suggest the idea.

5 pts has been a stalwart of the golf community in CR for the last 3 years or so, he has also promoted a competition known as the Community cup which we plan to have later this year on the day after the pro-tournament at Santi, it was a big success last year with Peter S winning. The exact date will be known once we know the date of the Singha CRai Masters comp, last year it was just before songkrang.


Bruce G

It was sent to 34 golfers but not me.  Perhaps there were worried if I did show up I might ask 0Points the following questions.

  1.  Why has the Members list on the Handicap page not been updated?  It contains one ghost as well as at least one whose membership has lapsed.   It might take as many as 20 seconds to update it.   It appears you are trying to make it look like you have more members than you actually have.  Why have the Friends listing at all?   Colin and Ralph are here for just a month or so and the others you will rarely see if at all.
  2. Why was it acceptable to print someone’s private (email) communication on the member’s blog without the sender’s permission?
  3. For the last 2 months of 2018 there were 17% fewer participants.  So far in January after 7 golf days there has been 32% fewer participants.   Over the years members have come and gone but the participation totals have always been steady or gone up.  Why do you say “I’m proud of our work, and I think we leave the group better than it was when we started.” ?   Why is fewer better?   Fewer suggests to me that  it is isn’t as fun, friendly, fair or welcoming as it was before?
  4. For the last 2 months of the year 24% of the scores weren’t recorded for handicap purposes.  So far in January 17% haven’t been recorded.   Why do you think this is better?   I know that you are proud of the fact that you are “blissfully unaware” but more than once I have suggested that SMAF have a handicap secretary (like most groups do) that records the scores for the entire group taking the responsibility from the individual.  It would drastically reduce errors and manipulation giving the handicaps more credibility.   Why hasn’t this been done?

Perhaps someone that does show up will ask 0Points, The Specialist in Failure those questions.


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